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  1. power
    Brittney Griner Has Been Released From Russian DetentionThe WNBA star was freed as part of a prisoner swap.
  2. theranos
    Everything to Know About Sunny BalwaniThe former Theranos COO secretly dated Elizabeth Holmes for years. Now, he’s been sentenced to 13 years in prison.
  3. my two cents
    ‘How Do I Get Through the Holidays When I’m Already Broke?’You can still enjoy yourself! You just need a plan.
  4. power
    Bill Cosby Sued Again Over Sexual-Assault AllegationsFive women have filed a suit against Cosby and NBC under a newly enacted New York law.
  5. your next move
    ‘I Left a Toxic Company. Should I Warn Other Employees?’As much as you may want to grab a sign and protest in front of HQ, this isn’t your fight.
  6. politics
    Herschel Walker’s Son Thinks His Dad Deserved to LoseIn a string of tweets, Christian Walker excoriated not only his dad but also the Republican Establishment.
  7. crime
    An Ex-Cop Allegedly Catfished a Teen and Killed Her FamilyThe former Virginia trooper was killed in a shootout with authorities in late November.
  8. lawsuits
    Amber Heard Is Appealing the Johnny Depp VerdictArguing that the judge never should have allowed the case to go to trial in the first place.
  9. power
    What to Know About the Protests in IranSince Mahsa Amini’s death, Iranian forces have killed more than 400 protesters — including many women and children.
  10. reasons to love new york
    There’s Always Room for a Few More New YorkersMeeting asylum seekers at Port Authority.
  11. reasons to love new york
    No Matter Where You Live, New Yorkers Can Help You Get an AbortionAnd we’ll pay for it, too.
  12. how i get it done
    How New York Times Parenting Columnist Jessica Grose Gets It Done“Raising the next generation is and should be a concern to everyone.”
  13. uvalde
    What We Know About the Police Response to the Uvalde ShootingA class-action lawsuit by survivors against law enforcement asks $27 billion for “indelible and forever-lasting trauma.”
  14. sexual assault
    Everything to Know About the Danny Masterson Rape TrialThe judge declared a mistrial after the jury said it was deadlocked.
  15. my two cents
    How Can I Offer My Brother Money Without Insulting Him?Be honest and clear, and make sure he feels heard.
  16. crime
    What We Know About the Death of Shanquella RobinsonA 25-year-old American woman was found dead while on vacation in Mexico. Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for one of her friends.
  17. ask a boss
    ‘Should I Give My Boss a Holiday Gift?’All your questions about holiday gift-giving at work, answered.
  18. chaos
    Elon Musk’s Bedside Table Is Even More Terrifying Than You’d ExpectWhich is more concerning: the multiple guns or the cans of caffeine-free Coke?
  19. how i get it done
    Aurora James Is Too Busy For This InterviewThe Brother Vellies designer talks 80-hour workweeks, supporting Black entrepreneurs, and wearing Issey Miyake to the gym.
  20. my two cents
    How to Buy the Best Gifts With Less Money and TimeIt’s simple: Ask people what they want.
  21. your next move
    ‘I’m Tired of Dealing With Incompetent Co-workers’You need to communicate your boundaries — repeatedly.
  22. gun violence
    Walmart Manager Killed Six Employees in Mass ShootingA manager in a Walmart store in Chesapeake, Virginia, killed six co-workers before turning the gun on himself.
  23. power
    Everything We Know About the Colorado Springs ShootingAnderson Lee Aldrich faces preliminary murder and bias-crime charges after opening fire in an LGBTQ+ nightclub.
  24. power
    The Herschel Walker Campaign Keeps Getting MessierJane Doe, who alleged the pro-life Senate candidate encouraged her to have an abortion, challenged him to meet her in person before the runoff.
  25. stop the hustle
    ‘She Said’ Is My Workaholic NightmareI wish journalism movies would stop glorifying hustle culture.
  26. power
    Trey Songz Has Been Accused of Assault (Again)A woman filed a police report against the singer, who she says beat her in a bowling-alley bathroom in New York.
  27. life after roe
    She Beat Abortion Foes in Kansas. Then She Did It Again in Kentucky.The architect of abortion-rights wins in red states explains how to convince voters to support the right to choose.
  28. how i get it done
    Queen Latifah Shares Her Secret to Staying Young“I want to be 90 years old, still feeling like I can connect to the youth.”
  29. lies
    Alex Jones Owes Sandy Hook Families Nearly $1.5 BillionA new report suggests Jones may have moved money around to simulate bankruptcy.
  30. scammers
    Elizabeth Holmes Sentenced to Over 11 Years in PrisonThe pregnant Theranos founder was convicted of fraud earlier this year.
  31. crime
    The Most Chilling Testimony From Harvey Weinstein’s L.A. TrialProsecutors rest their case after four weeks of testimony from 44 witnesses.
  32. sports
    Fans Won’t Be Able to Buy Beer at World Cup GamesA last-minute ban on alcohol sales is the latest controversy as the tournament kicks off in Qatar.
  33. crime
    Four University of Idaho Students Were Found DeadA coroner confirmed the deaths were caused by stabbing, while police say the suspect is still at large.
  34. twitter
    Did Elon Musk Just Kill Twitter With a Google Form? Apparently, Twitter employees did not want to be “hard core.”
  35. survivors
    It Took Me Over 20 Years To Find My Rapist — Then I Watched Him Walk FreeThe rape kit collected from Leila after a brutal assault went untested for years. When her attacker was identified, it was too late to press charges.
  36. politics
    Nancy Pelosi Is Stepping Down As House SpeakerThe first woman to hold the Speaker’s gavel announced that she won’t seek reelection to Democratic leadership in the next Congress.
  37. politics
    Mitch McConnell Votes Against Respect for Marriage ActDespite the fact that it would protect his own interracial marriage.
  38. my two cents
    ‘Do I Need to Buy Gifts for My Boyfriend’s Family?’Not necessarily, but it’s a good idea to rethink your gifting plans in general.
  39. trump 2024
    Ivanka Would Prefer Not ToShe says she does “not plan to be involved in politics” as her dad launches his 2024 bid.
  40. russian invasion
    The Feeling of Ambient War in UkraineRussian attacks have parts of Ukraine cold and in the dark. But in some ways, Ukrainians are already living in a moment that feels frozen in time.
  41. power
    All of the Allegations Against Kevin SpaceyAhead of his U.K. trial, the actor is facing new sexual-assault charges there.
  42. ask a boss
    ‘I’m Working Remotely, But My Company Won’t Let Me Move Out of State’When you’re already remote, it’s easy to think, What difference does it make whether I’m working ten miles away or across the country?
  43. crime
    What We Know About the UVA ShootingThree people are dead and two more are injured after a gunman opened fire on the school’s Charlottesville campus.
  44. how i get it done
    Phoebe Robinson Gets Past Writer’s Block With Help From BonoDo Not Disturb mode comes in handy too.
  45. rust
    Everything We Know About the Rust ShootingAlec Baldwin filed a new lawsuit, hoping to “clear his name.”
  46. student-debt relief
    Biden’s Plan for Student-Debt Relief Is Now in LimboThe plan was on track to cancel debt for 16 million Americans before a Texas judge stuck it down.
  47. human trafficking
    Trafficked Teen Pieper Lewis Is Back in CustodyLewis had been ordered to pay $150,000 in restitution to her accused rapist’s family. Now she could face up to 20 years in prison.
  48. money talks
    What It Takes to Run a Day-Care Center“I’m absolutely exhausted. I don’t know anyone who works in child care who isn’t.”
  49. life after roe
    The Pilots Flying Abortion Patients Across State LinesElevated Access is circumventing restrictive trigger legislation, bounty laws, and all-out bans from a couple of thousand feet in the air.
  50. power
    Virginia Giuffre Drops Defamation Suit Against Alan DershowitzThe Epstein accuser says she might have “made a mistake” when she accused the Harvard lawyer of sexually assaulting her.
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