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Pregnant Ladies

  1. stand clear of the closing doors
    Which Subway Line Is Best to Ride While Pregnant?Hint: the ones with lots of old ladies on them.
  2. pregnant ladies
    Everybody: Hands Off the Baby BumpStop touching strangers.
  3. freedom
    Kim Kardashian Finally Wore Something ComfyWorld’s most uncomfortable pregnant lady lets her belly out.
  4. baby names
    Kim Kardashian Likes the Baby Name ‘Easton West’Also: “It’s a little bully-ish to call a pregnant woman fat.”
  5. kimyembryo
    Kim Kardashian Blesses a Baby While Wearing Leather Maternity PantsAt her new movie’s premiere.
  6. maternity clothes
    Kim Kardashian: World’s Least Comfortable Pregnant Woman, by ChoiceKim Kardashian sets a dangerous precedent.
  7. carine!
    Carine Roitfeld’s Debut CR Issue Will Be Birth-ThemedShe released her first editor’s letter on her new website today.