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Pregnant Princesses!!

  1. pregnant princesses!!
    Charlotte Casiraghi Pregnant, Plans Princess WeddingThe only thing better than a royal wedding? TWO royal weddings.
  2. babies
    Another Hot Pregnant Lady: Penélope Cruz’s SisterStarring in an Agent Provocateur ad.
  3. pregnant princesses!!
    Why Is the World So Shocked by Kate Middleton’s Belly?Have celebrities tricked us into thinking it’s not normal?
  4. the little prince
    Best, Cutest, and Stupidest Royal-Baby Headlines From Around the WorldNewspapers have been working on these for months.
  5. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate and Will Give Post-Baby Statement, Prepare to Leave Hospital [Updated]Sooo, when do we get to see the prince?
  6. Kate Middleton’s 10 Best Pregnancy LooksSurprise! She looked fantastic all nine months.
  7. pregnant princesses!!
    BREAKING: Kate Middleton Gives Birth to a Baby BoyThe heir to the British throne.
  8. pregnant princesses!!
    Weirdest Scenes From Kate Middleton’s HospitalThe most insane royal-baby maniacs at the Lindo Wing.
  9. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton Is in Labor, Palace Confirms [Updated]Brace yourselves for the U.K.’s adorable future monarch.
  10. pregnant princesses!!
    BREAKING: Kate Middleton Not Actually in Labor Yet [Updated]False alarm.
  11. pregnant princesses!!
    8 Mommy Trends That Kate Middleton Might TryFrom hypnobirthing to baby birding, rated on a scale of likelihood.
  12. pregnant princesses!!
    The Most Desperate Tweets From Kate Middleton’s Hospital Parking LotTired, hot, and grumpy journalists make for great social media.
  13. party chat
    Allison Williams’s Royal Baby Fever: ‘Very High’“Like an 8 or 9.”
  14. princesses!!!
    Kate Middleton’s Revised Due Date, and More Royal Baby News“Hopefully by the end of the week,” says Camilla.
  15. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton Will Possibly Have a C-SectionThis weekend, perhaps?
  16. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton’s Curry Cravings, and More Silly Baby RumorsAn “encrypted phone” for calling the palace?
  17. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton’s ‘Feelings,’ and More Royal Baby News“Naturally she is a little nervous about the big day, what new mum wouldn’t be?”
  18. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton’s Pram, and Other Royal Baby NewsDue date, nursery colors, and more rumors.
  19. pregnant princesses!!
    Palace Describes Kate Middleton’s Birth Plan in Great Detail“She intends to give birth naturally.”
  20. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton Smashes Champagne Bottle, Wears ‘Dalmatian’ PrintMaking the most of her third trimester.
  21. pregnant princesses!!
    Relax, Kate Middleton Is Still Acting Like RoyaltyAttending garden parties, wearing enormous hats.
  22. pregnant princesses!!
    Karl Lagerfeld Would Have Kate Middleton Show More CleavageAnd wear a mullet hem.
  23. princesses!!!
    Blame Kate Middleton for All These Absurd Little PursesWhat an annoying trend.
  24. princesses!!!
    Watch Kate Middleton’s First-Ever Solo TV BroadcastShe’s wearing a Topshop dress.
  25. princesses!!!
    Kate Middleton Visited Hogwarts, Waved Her Magic WandAnd there’s VIDEO.
  26. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton Paid a Visit to Her Royal PortraitHer first outing since charges were made in the topless photos case.
  27. princesses!!!
    Two Suspects Charged Over Topless Kate Middleton PhotosThe offending photographer was allegedly a woman.
  28. princesses!!!
    Kate Middleton Cavorts With Puppy, Shovels DirtChildren were present, of course.
  29. princesses!!!
    Pregnant Kate Middleton Ditches Nude HoseShe went bare-legged at Windsor Castle.
  30. duchesses!!!
    Kate Middleton Trademarks Her Name, Hints at MarathonAll for charity, of course.
  31. princesses!!!
    Kate Middleton Ate Dough on a Stick by FirelightIt was straight out of a Charles Dickens novel.
  32. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton’s Token Tube Photo Op Is CompleteThe Queen was there, too.
  33. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton Attempts Crafting Project, Peter Pan CollarMore pictures of her with cute little kids!
  34. princesses!!!
    Further Proof Kate Middleton Pays for Her Own ClothesIn case all those Topshop runs didn’t convince you.
  35. pregnant princesses!!
    Video Proves Kate Middleton Didn’t Actually Say ‘D—’ for DaughterOr anything of the sort.
  36. pregnant princesses!!
    How Pregnancy Freed Kate MiddletonTemporarily, at least.
  37. all hail mcqueen
    Alexander McQueen: Ten Looks, a Thousand CheersYesterday’s tiny show yielded a plentiful ready-to-wear collection.
  38. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton Practiced Her Mom SquatsWith real, adorable children.
  39. pregnant princesses!!
    Young Buck Encounters Kate Middleton, Picks NoseIt’s a stressful situation, to be sure.
  40. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton Finally Engaged in an Unordinary Pregnant ActivityWalking in the snow in short sleeves.
  41. duchesses!!!
    Kate Middleton’s Baby Bump Makes Its Official DebutIn MaxMara.
  42. princesses!!!
    Go Ahead and Imagine Kate Middleton in All These Jenny Packham DressesA runway full of sparkly princess gowns.
  43. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton to Officially Reveal Bump in Two WeeksIn the meantime, she and Will are reportedly on a BABYMOON.
  44. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton Went Shopping Again, Wore a PonchoWhich means there might be a bump.
  45. princesses!!!
    How Does Kate Middleton Keep Shopping Unnoticed?She browsed workout clothes at Selfridges on Monday.
  46. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton Continues Her Suburban-Mom OutingsShopping for jeggings at the Gap! 
  47. princesses!!!
    Kate Middleton Went to Starbucks, Got a CookieFascinating!
  48. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton Due in July, Won’t Have TwinsMeanwhile, her condition continues to improve.
  49. princesses!!!
    Kate Middleton Reacts to Her Royal PortraitAlso, Will took her family to the circus on her birthday.
  50. widdleton
    Kate Middleton’s Baby Will Be a Royal HighnessThe queen deemed it so.
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