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  1. wedding bells
    Sounds Like Britney Is Indeed Getting a PrenupPhew!
  2. my two cents
    What Is a Prenup? A Soon-to-Be-Married Person’s GuideAre they only for rich people, and should you get one?
  3. the harvey weinstein case
    Here’s What’s in Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman’s PrenupShe’ll reportedly get around $12 million.
  4. my two cents
    Are Prenuptial Agreements a Bad Idea?Advice on that most awkward of conversations.
  5. it’s mariah’s world
    Mariah Carey Chants ‘We Want Prenup’ on AirIt’s something you need to have.
  6. the real housewives
    Ancient Egyptian Women Had Prenups Taller Than Their HusbandsResearchers have found prenuptial agreements on scrolls as long as eight feet. 
  7. do we want prenup?
    The Great First-Date Prenup ExperimentWe planned our breakup before we met.
  8. prenups
    Kanye and Kim Want a PrenupAnd so begins a lifelong project, in which every Kanye lyric becomes an action that the couple completes.