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  1. blake’s not lively
    No Single Profession Could Contain Blake LivelyContending with Martha Stewart’s recent advice. 
  2. martha stewart living
    Actually, Martha Stewart Wants to Be the Next Blake LivelyComments from the idol. 
  3. illusions
    Why Not Admit We Didn’t Wake Up Like This?Goop, Preserve, and the myth of “effortlessness.”
  4. blake’s not lively
    Terrifying GIFs of Blake Lively’s Lifestyle WebsiteJust a man, casually chatting to a gravestone. 
  5. blake’s not lively
    Blake Lively’s Lifestyle Blog Looks Like a Horror MovieBlack background, white print. 
  6. why tuesday?
    No One Gets Blake Lively’s JokesMore details on Preserve. 
  7. blake’s not lively
    Blake Lively Gave a Creepy Name to Her Lifestyle BlogA foreboding title.