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President Barack Obama

  1. m.i.a.
    Sasha Obama Had a Good Reason for Skipping Her Dad’s Farewell AddressStill, the Internet wondered: #whereissasha?
  2. courage
    President Obama Is the Best Possible GroomsmanThe ultimate show of confidence.
  3. bragging rights
    Obama Knows Idris Elba Is Way SexyThis according to Elba, but we don’t doubt it.
  4. higher powers
    President Obama, Patron Saint of Drunk StarsAnother drunk celebrity invokes his name.
  5. quotables
    Claire Danes and President Obama Compared Job PerformancesYou’re doing great. No, you are.
  6. our casual dysmoprhia
    Being the President Is a Good DietPresident Obama got his pre-baby body back!
  7. daily male
    WWD Thinks President Obama’s Pants Are Too BaggyThey note that he’s lost some weight.
  8. debates
    Did He Say Anything About Me Last Night? On not being pandered to in the presidential debate.
  9. dui queens
    New Low-han: Lindsay Jealous of Amanda Bynes@BarackObama, please end special treatment of Nickelodeon stars! You must consider Disney stars as well.