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    Guess Where Ivanka Trump Is Opening Her New StoreHint: It’s a very prominent building in New York.
  2. politics
    Someone Put a Giant Inflatable Chicken With Trump’s Hair Behind the White HouseSubtle.
  3. politics
    5 Transgender Soldiers Are Suing President Trump Over Military BanTwo LGBTQ legal organizations filed a lawsuit on their behalf.
  4. politics
    Trump Loves Having His Own Official Photographer“He likes photos, that’s no secret,” his official photographer said in an interview.
  5. Police Departments Say They’ll Welcome Transgender TroopsIf transgender troops are kicked out of the military, police departments across the country say they’ll step in.
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    Trump’s Daughter-in-Law Launches Video Series to Praise the PresidentShe only reports “real” (a.k.a. positive) stories about the White House.
  7. politics
    Senator With Kidney Cancer on Health-Care Battle: ‘It’s Not Over Yet’Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono on the ongoing health-care fight, the fumbling Trump administration, and John McCain’s dramatic 11th-hour vote.
  8. politics
    Anthony Scaramucci’s Next Move Is ‘Working on Being the Best Person He Can Be’He also addressed those Dancing With the Stars rumors.
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    Paul Ryan Made a Hypebeast Video About the Border WallIt includes an EDM soundtrack.
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    Melania Trump Is Causing a Tourism Boom in SloveniaThe number of American visitors is up 15 percent since her husband took office.
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    Ivanka Trump Would Like People to Expect Less of HerAs she struggles to make a dent in her father’s agenda, Ivanka wants people to lower their expectations of her.
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    Almost 50 Senators Urge Defense Secretary Not to Implement Ban on Trans TroopsSenator Kirsten Gillibrand penned a letter to Defense Secretary Mattis asking him not to go through with the ban.
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    The 9-Year-Old Boy Who Wrote Donald Trump a Fan Letter Is Reportedly RealDylan “Pickle” Harbin lives in Stockton, California, and loves Donald Trump.
  14. lgbtq rights
    Chelsea Manning Tore Apart Donald Trump’s Ban on Transgender Soldiers“We are neither disruptive nor expensive. We are human beings, and we will not be erased or ignored.”
  15. transgender rights
    The Pentagon Reportedly Spends 5 Times More on Viagra Than Transgender ServicesThe Defense Department spent $84 million on erectile-dysfunction meds in 2014 alone.
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    Adorable Pet Won’t Be Forced to Live With the Trumps Anytime SoonThe First Family currently has no plans for a pet.
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    Senate Confirms Judge Who Compared Abortion to SlaveryJohn Bush was confirmed to the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.
  18. ivanka trump
    Huh, Wonder Why Ivanka’s Lying Low During ‘Made in America’ WeekThe First Daughter has been AWOL all week.
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    How Many Times Can Trump’s Old Campaign Manager Compliment Melania in One Clip?He called her “incredibly beautiful” three times in 43 seconds.
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    Here’s Why Lawmakers Want the FBI to Review Ivanka Trump’s Security ClearanceThey want to know whether she disclosed her husband’s and brother’s meetings with foreign agents.
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    No One Has Held Their Wedding at This Trump Golf Course Since the ElectionThe golf course used to host wedding receptions — now, not so much.
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    Trump Watched France’s Bastille Day Parade With the Joy of an 8-Year-Old ChildThe president loves a good parade.
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    Kellyanne Conway Blames Democrats, Their ‘Pink Hats’ for Stalling Trump’s Agenda“It’s no longer a bumper sticker or a bunch of pink hats. It’s hurting people in this country.”
  24. politics
    Morning Joe Set a Ratings Record After Trump’s Face-Lift TweetsThe show set a new viewership record.
  25. politics
    Women Artists Celebrated Independence Day by Roasting TrumpFor the second issue of Resist!, women artists submitted some of their most searing work.
  26. politics
    Pride Month Came and Went Without Recognition from the PresidentSo far, the White House’s strategy on LGBTQ issues has been to ignore them.
  27. politics
    Kellyanne on Trump’s Face-Lift Tweets: ‘I Endorse His Ability to Fight Back’She brushed off the president’s tweets about Mika Brzezinski’s alleged face-lift.
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    Trump Considering Dismantling the White House Council on Women and GirlsThe council was established by President Obama to ensure gender equality in policy proposals.
  29. Why TMZ Won’t Stop Pushing Pro-Trump StoriesA new investigation reveals Trump’s cozy relationship with Harvey Levin.
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    Read What the Portland Stabbing Victim’s Mom Had to Say to President Trump“I ask you, Mr. President, to take action at this time.”
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    Trump’s Budget Proposes Kicking Planned Parenthood Out of All Federal ProgramsIt goes beyond just blocking the organization from receiving Medicaid reimbursements.
  32. spring fashion issue
    I Wore Melania’s Couture Dress and It Was TerrifyingIt was a harrowing bellwether of a kleptocratic, oligarchic future.
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    Democratic Women in Congress Wear White to President Donald Trump’s AddressThe color choice is a nod to the women’s suffrage movement.
  34. Jennifer Garner Wants to Have a ‘Steak and a Good Chat’ About Policy With TrumpThe actress went to D.C. this weekend in an attempt to lobby Ivanka Trump on literacy programs.
  35. photo of the day
    Kellyanne Conway Sitting in the Oval Office Is Quite the PictureIs this “alternative seating”?
  36. Your Brain Gives Up When Discerning Truth From Lies Gets Too HardA rather bleak forecast for the next four years.
  37. women’s march 2017
    The Women’s March Drew a Much Larger Crowd Than Trump’s InaugurationA roundup of the worldwide rallies.
  38. public health
    More Evidence That Drugs, Suicide, and Despair Fueled Trump’s WinPeople are “literally dying.”
  39. This Viral Trump Syllabus Will Help You Understand How the Mess Was MadeA deep dive into the Trump years behind us — and ahead.
  40. Cities Will Be the Best Answer to a Trump White HouseThey’re called “cosmopolitan for a reason.
  41. developmental psychology
    What Your Election Freakout Looks Like From a Kid’s Point of ViewAnd how to talk to them about what you’re feeling.
  42. emotion
    Having Finely Tuned Emotions Will Help You Process Trump’s WinThe richer your vocabulary, the greater your resilience.
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    Why the Wait for President Trump Feels So AgonizingOn top of everything else, those worried about Trump are now dealing with a heaping dose of uncertainty.