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    Tough But Fair: Trump Says He Would Not Recommend Michael Cohen As a LawyerA day after Cohen pleaded guilty to eight criminal charges, the president said he would “strongly suggest” hiring someone else.
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    For Some Unknown Reason, Trump Thinks Dogs Are Constantly Getting FiredHe has perplexingly accused several of his critics of getting “fired like a dog.”
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    Trump Calls Omarosa ‘That Dog’ in Early Morning TweetThis comes amid allegations that Trump used the N-word and other racial slurs prior to and during his presidency.
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    President Trump Makes Veiled Threat Against ‘Low IQ Person’ Maxine Waters“Be careful what you wish for Max!”
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    Trump, Whose Restaurant Has 78 Health-Code Violations, Calls Red Hen ‘Filthy’Mar-a-Lago’s past infractions include improperly refrigerated meat, unsanitary food prep, and mold.