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Pretty Hurts Week

  1. icymi
    Read All of the Cut’s Pretty Hurts Stories in One Place Meditations on chin hair, weight gain, Spanx, and much more.
  2. pretty hurts
    Should Teens Get Laser Hair Removal?Permanent beauty treatments ask us to guess how much beauty norms will change during our lifetime.
  3. The Photographer Who Captures Fat-Shaming on CameraTalking to Haley Morris-Cafiero about her powerful photographs of strangers reacting to her body.
  4. pretty hurts week
    New York Women Draw Their Own BoobsWe asked women on the street what they think their breasts look like.
  5. Find a Staircase and Freakum Dress, You Just Had a Movie MakeoverUgly ducks transformed into swans from Cinderella, Clueless, The Breakfast Club, and beyond.
  6. bottom’s up
    Your Yoga Pants Might Be Giving You Butt Acne But we’re getting to the bottom of how to fix it.