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Pride Essentials

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    Brontez Purnell Can’t Get Enough of ’90s Queer-Girl CultureThe 100 Boyfriends author on the art that shaped him.
  2. pride essentials
    Molly Bernard Would Like You to Call Her “Boy George”The Younger actress on the art that has shaped her.
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    Big Freedia Owes Everything to Her Mom, Her Church, and Her CityThe rapper who popularized bounce music on the people, places, and art that shaped her.
  4. pride essentials
    Isabel Sandoval Grew Up With A League of Their Own and Wong Kar-WaiThe filmmaker behind Lingua Franca on the art that shaped her.
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    Dyllón Burnside Will Always Love Whitney HoustonThe Pose actor on the art that’s shaped him.
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    Frank N. Furter Blows Mae Martin’s MindThe star of Netflix’s Feel Good on the art that shaped them.
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    This Theater Collective Is Inspired by Cruella de Vil and The Real HousewivesMichael Breslin and Patrick Foley on the art that’s shaped them.
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    For Ryan O’Connell, Parker Posey and Popular Were ‘Everything’The Special creator on the art that shaped him.
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    Zines Taught Esmé Weijun Wang About HerselfThe writer on the art that has shaped her.
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    Marilyn Monroe Changed Gaby Dunn’s Idea of FeminismThe comedian and podcast host on the art that’s shaped her.
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    The Indigo Girls Helped Glennon Doyle Feel Things AgainThe author on the art and people that have made her who she is.
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    Marja-Lewis Ryan Taught Herself Queer HistoryThe L Word: Generation Q showrunner talks about the art that shaped her.
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    Kristen Arnett on the Butch Punk Bands That Inspired HerThe writer shares some of her biggest influences, from Dorothy Allison to The Baby-Sitters Club.
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    Legend of Zelda Gave Theo Germaine Their First Lesson in Gender StudiesThe actor talks about Laverne Cox and the young-adult book that changed their life.
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    Ana Fabrega Loves Google Maps, TooThe actress shares her favorite queer influences.
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    Wilson Cruz on the Importance of Intersectional ArtFrom Paris Is Burning to James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room
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    Arabelle Sicardi Used to Lose Herself in Sci-FiThe writer discusses the art that shaped her; from Farscape to Tamora Pierce’s The Circle.
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    Ocean Vuong Found Artistic Inspiration in a Baptist Church“It was, oddly, in that world, where I started to see what was possible.”
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    Mary Beth Barone Is a Sucker for Stories of Forbidden LoveThe comedian shares some of her favorite cultural influences.
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    Steven Canals Loves a DivaThe Pose co-creator on the art that shaped him, from The Real World to his favorite ’90s divas.
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    The Divas Who Led Shangela to SuperstardomThe drag queen talks about Jenifer Lewis, RuPaul, and J. Alexander.
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    Novelist Nicole Dennis-Benn on the Art That Shaped HerFrom Audre Lorde to The Real World.
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    Joel Kim Booster on His Queer Influences“I felt a really deep connection to the subtextual queer narrative of X-Men, even before there were any out queer characters populating its pages.”