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  1. lifestyles of the rich and famous
    Fast Fashion Is Making Some People Very RichEven though you’re not paying very much for it.
  2. fashion for dummies
    Another Bony Mannequin Yanked From WindowsPrimark is the latest offender.
  3. imbroglios
    Primark Says Notorious Tags Were a HoaxA new one has just been uncovered.
  4. disturbing tags
    A Factory Worker Sent a Sad Message to a Primark CustomerA tag sewn into the dress claims laborers were “forced to work exhausting hours.”
  5. foreign merch
    15 High Street Stores We Wish Would Open HereFrom Zara’s “little sister” brand to every Brit’s favorite store. 
  6. things that are terrible
    Death Toll Passes 300 in Collapse of Bangladesh Clothing FactoryRescuers are continuing find employees alive in the wreckage.
  7. knockoffs
    Primark Accused of Copying Prabal GurungThe Irish fast-fashion chain dared to make purple dresses, too.
  8. boyle-ing point
    Susan Boyle Appears to Have a New, Brightly Patterned Dress and Leather JacketThis is certainly a new look for her!
  9. on the cheap
    Will Fast Fashion Slow Down?We sure hope not! At least until Topshop opens in Soho.