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  1. hips don’t lie
    Emma Thompson Confirms That Prince Charles Is a Sexy DancerHis moves are “better than sex,” in fact.
  2. the little prince
    Everything You Need to Know About the Royal ChristeningCressida Bonas is not in attendance.
  3. the little prince
    Prince George’s Next ‘Designer’ Outfit RevealedIt’s technically a replica.
  4. princes!!!
    Taylor Swift Had a DateHe’s Australian.
  5. the little prince
    First Official Royal Family Portraits Leaked Online [Updated]With baby Prince George and a slobbery Lupo.
  6. the little prince
    Prince William Rehearsed That Car-Seat Maneuver“Believe me, it wasn’t my first time.”
  7. fame-o-nomics
    Fame by the Numbers: Royal Baby vs. Kimye Baby vs. Everyone Else’s BabiesQuantifying fame.
  8. cheat sheet
    On the Eve of His Next Trip to America, a Dossier on Prince HarryHe might be on a shorter leash, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be given a big American welcome.
  9. princes!!!
    Prince Harry ‘Probably Let Himself Down’ With Nude Vegas Pics“Probably.” Wink.
  10. princes!!!
    Prince William, Pregnant Wife to Spend Christmas With Her FamilyPippa must be so. Excited.
  11. duchesses!!!
    Kate Middleton Meets Strapping, Square-Jawed Rugby PlayerAnd giggles lots.
  12. princes!!!
    Poll: Prince William Is the BestBetter than Kate What’s-her-face.
  13. princes!!!
    Prince Charles Is No Kate Middleton on the Dance FloorHe communed with farm animals and smelled the roses.
  14. princes!!!
    Can’t a Prince Just Go to a Nightclub Without Getting Punched in the Face?What is the deal?
  15. princes!!!
    Prince William Didn’t Do Too Much Sleeping the Night Before His Wedding“I slept for about half an hour.”
  16. princes!!!
    Video: Wearing Prince William’s Wedding Suit on the Streets Amongst PlebeiansFellow plebeian Alex Rees tried on that famous red jacket to ask regular folk how royal he actually looked.
  17. princes!!!
    A Pair of Cuff Links That Might Have Belonged to Prince William Are Up for AuctionThey were found in Kate Middleton’s old car, which is also on sale.