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Princeton Mom

  1. happy mother’s day
    Princeton Mom Has a Few Questions for YouOn the occasion of the Mother’s Day you don’t deserve. 
  2. hilarious things
    Watch: Kristen Schaal Decodes the Tao of Princeton MomBecause your “dewy, adorable days are gone.”
  3. open letters
    Princeton Faculty Denounces Princeton Mom’s Rape ViewsIn an open letter to the student paper. 
  4. icymi
    The Cut’s Week in Review, From Scalp Facials to the Princeton MomTen things we learned this week.
  5. dating advice
    Princeton Mom: Seamless Is Making You SingleNobody ever met cute on the SS Sweat Pants.
  6. interview
    ‘Mistake Sex,’ an Orange Boa, and a Bronx Accent: At Home With Princeton MomSusan Patton is a gleefully snobby rape-denier. You’re going to love her.
  7. seasonal
    Princeton Mom’s 1 Idea Rebooted for Valentine’sHow might she connect other holidays to her “snag-a-husband” sermon?
  8. princeton mom
    Princeton Mom Sold a Self-Help Book“Avoid an unwanted life of spinsterhood with cats.”
  9. ivy league
    Princeton Mom Gave a Lecture at PrincetonTaught a lesson on “total desperation.”
  10. meritocracy
    Forget Sexism, Princeton Mom’s Offense Is Raging ElitismOn meritocracy and snobs.
  11. having it all
    Princeton Mom Went on TV in a Princeton OutfitHeld a dachshund in her lap.
  12. interview
    Q&A: Princeton Mom Wishes She Married a Princeton ManSusan A. Patton discusses her controversial advice with the Cut.
  13. not having it all
    Princeton Mom to All Female Students: ‘Find a Husband’Horrifyingly retro advice in Daily Princetonian.