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  1. priorities
    Melania Busy With Important BusinessShe’s … already preparing the White House for Christmas.
  2. priorities
    Trump Reportedly Wants Softer Towels on Air Force OnePriorities.
  3. vanity
    Teen on the Run From Police Asks Them to Post a More Flattering Photo of HerAmy Sharp has her priorities straight.
  4. priorities
    Defunding Planned Parenthood Tops Chris Christie’s Government Wish ListReally?
  5. priorities
    Teen Drew Barrymore Had No Time to Chase BoysChristian Bale still wonders what happened.
  6. priorities
    Iggy Azalea Has TMJ, Is a Warrior, Prioritizes New Year’s Eve Sparkles“Look after your body and mind in the new year, be safe and enjoy it all!”
  7. priorities
    Study: One Out of Ten Women Prefers Pets to PartnersGoing to the dogs. 
  8. priorities
    Kate Middleton’s Hair Is a Bigger Diva Than She IsShe has a professional hairstylist, but not photographer, for portraits.
  9. priorities
    Givenchy Skips Couture Show in Favor of New Watch LineFor the second season in a row.