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  1. celebrity
    Britney Spears Just Wants Some PrivacyThe star confirmed police were called to her home by fans.
  2. tabloid culture
    Meghan Markle’s Latest Court Victory Is Just The BeginningThe Duchess of Sussex vs. the Daily Mail has come to an end — for now.
  3. power
    Why Are Celebrities Boycotting Instagram?Kim Kardashian, among others, won’t be posting for a full day.
  4. privacy
    Schools Might Start to Ban Zoom Over Privacy ConcernsAmid reports of virtual classrooms getting hijacked by racist trolls, schools in New York may look to host online lessons elsewhere.
  5. tiktok
    Does TikTok Have a Major Security Problem?The video-sharing app, popular among teens, says it has fixed its network vulnerabilities.
  6. privacy
    Amber Heard Says Being a Victim of Revenge Porn Was ‘Devastating’The actress wrote an op-ed about her experience being targeted in the celebrity nude photo hack.
  7. reproductive freedom
    How to Plan an Abortion in the Surveillance StateGoogling and texting are second nature to most of us, but thinking about how to secure communication isn’t.
  8. hacking
    Pretty Little Liars Star Tells Hackers Who Leaked Her Nudes to ‘Kiss My Ass’She will not apologize for having her privacy violated.
  9. privacy
    Uber Employees Reportedly Used the App to Spy on Their ExesA former employee recounts chilling examples of how the app’s tracking capabilities were used.
  10. choices
    Kim Kardashian West, Elena Ferrante, and the Right to PrivacyWomen are punished no matter how public they choose to be.
  11. don’t trust the cloud
    Arrest Made in Pippa Middleton iCloud Photo HackThe hacker reportedly offered The Sun and The Daily Mail 3,000 pictures for a large sum of money.
  12. Privacy
    Ariana Grande Shut Down Ryan Seacrest for Being Nosy About Her Love LifeShe told him he isn’t entitled to that information.
  13. big data
    Sex Toy Collects Data While You Use ItNothing is private anymore.
  14. gallery
    Private Moments Hidden in the Public EyePhotographs from the ICP’s new exhibit Public, Private, Secret.
  15. Behind the Scenes of an Audaciously Ambitious Social-Science ProjectNYU scientists want to track 10,000 New Yorkers for 20 years.
  16. privacy
    The Ashley Madison Hack Should Scare You, TooWe’re all living in glass houses.
  17. facebook
    Facebook ‘Likes’ Can Predict Users’ Personalities. Should We Be Worried?Sussing personality out from an endless ocean of “likes.”
  18. privacy
    Twitter, Rape, and Privacy on Social MediaJust because it’s public doesn’t mean you should publish it.
  19. quotables
    Sofia Coppola Discusses Privacy and Fame in T MagazineShe also apologizes to Lee Radziwill for her having to watch Coppola’s film.