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Pro Choice

  1. women in politics
    The Blaze Has Permanently Banned Tomi LahrenThe suspension is permanent.
  2. A Baffling Supercut of Everything Kellyanne Conway Has Said About AbortionVIDEO: “The fetus beat us.”
  3. politics
    Tomi Lahren Reportedly Suspended From the Blaze After Saying She’s Pro-ChoiceThe conservative pundit’s boss was not happy with her pro-choice stance.
  4. politics
    Tomi Lahren Says She’s Pro-ChoiceInteresting logic.
  5. reproductive rights
    Planned Parenthood Counter-Protest Drowns Out ‘Defund Planned Parenthood’ RallyThe Defund Planned Parenthood rally was outnumbered.
  6. abortion
    4 Women on Having Abortions Before They Were Legal“I just remember thinking, I’m going to get through this.”
  7. reproductive rights
    Two Irish Women Are Live-Tweeting Their Trip to the UK for an Abortion“Two women, one procedure, 48 hours away from home.”
  8. warcraft
    Abortion Rights Movement Gets Sting Video Artist to Call Its OwnLila Rose, meet Katie Stack.
  9. linguistics
    What Should We Say Instead of ‘Pro-Choice’?As Planned Parenthood moves away from the term, feminists offer up new options.
  10. roe v. wade
    Fifteen Women (and a Few Men) on AbortingRelief, regret, and everything in between — or nothing at all.