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  1. science of us
    Soon I Will Be Vindicated for Not Washing My Face for YearsAll these pro-bacteria stories are mounting.
  2. science of us
    I Just Got Into Kombucha, and Now You Tell Me Probiotics Are Bad?If they’re not cleaning your gut … what ARE they doing?
  3. crazy beauty rabbit holes
    How Taking Probiotics Might Help Clear Your SkinHow better bowel movements can improve your skin.
  4. guts
    Can Gut Bacteria Slow Down Aging?Try not to poo-poo it.
  5. drugstore doctor
    When Should You Really Take Probiotics?Clearing up your digestive health questions.
  6. swellness
    Why Wellness Is the New Way to Look, Feel, and Act RichGreen juice, fancy leggings, acupuncture, and cleanses are all part of the new luxury lifestyle.
  7. everything guide
    Everything You Need to Know About PoopGoing deep into the science — and many questionable innovations behind everybody’s favorite new topic.
  8. advice
    What Should I Eat to Become More Beautiful?The ultimate beauty diet. 
  9. things we should know
    How Probiotics Will Improve Your SkinGwyneth Paltrow’s holistic doctor, Dr. Frank Lipman, explains the concept of “friendly” bacteria.