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Procter And Gamble

  1. the beauty of it all
    This Beauty Insider Revolutionized OlayShe runs marathons and businesses.
  2. thin ice
    Michelle Kwan on Perfectionism, Tiger Parents, and Never Winning Gold“You just have to make sure that your body and mind is fine-tuned. Then you go out there and do it.”
  3. skin deep
    You Can Now Know Exactly What’s in Your Pantene Shampoo“Alexa, Google this ingredient I can’t pronounce.”
  4. the talk
    This Powerful Ad Addresses Racism With ‘The Talk’Procter & Gamble went there.
  5. beauty marks
    Vladimir Putin’s Botox Becomes a Spectacle; Sandra Bullock Wore ‘Cher Hair’Plus, CoverGirl mascara ads have been banned.
  6. beauty marks
    Exhibition Magazine Devotes an Issue to Lipstick; Oprah’s Hairstylist Debuts His Own Hair-Care LineAlso, MAC just got a new senior vice-president of global artist training, development, and makeup artistry.