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  1. i tried it
    Can Golden Hour Fix Your Brain?For a week, I attempted to find out.
  2. productivity
    The Unreasonable Pleasure of To-Do ListsThe Unreasonable Pleasure of To-Do Lists
  3. power
    5 Brave, Bold-faced Women Share Their Screen-Time Reports“But this was down 49 percent from the week before.”
  4. acquiescence
    Turns Out It’s Pretty Good: New Year’s ResolutionsI sat down to write them and … found the process enjoyable.
  5. science of us
    How (and Why) to Make Yourself a ScheduleFor days when it’s hard to make yourself do stuff.
  6. productivity
    A Wellness Blogger From the 1400s Weighs in on to-Do ListsThey never end!
  7. your mileage may vary
    Try This Advice If You’re Terrible at Staying in the MomentThere are two types of “scheduling styles.”
  8. science of us
    Just Write 500 WordsIt’s simple.
  9. hope this helps
    Writing Down Everything I Did in a Day Weirdly Made Me Feel CalmerIt’s easier than it sounds.
  10. science of us
    The Centuries-Old Strategy That Turbocharged My ProductivityIt’s an old-school paper-planner system that requires a little micromanaging, but the payoff is worth it.
  11. A Study Encourages You to Have Fun First and Finish Your Work LaterGood call on a summer Friday.
  12. advice
    25 Famous Women on How to Be ProductiveShonda Rhimes, Joan Didion, Yayoi Kusama, and more on productivity and the benefits of procrastination.
  13. unsolicited advice
    How to Make Yourself Work When You Really Don’t Feel Like ItBoss yourself around.
  14. 6 Tips from the World’s Best Athletes to Improve Work PerformanceThere is no “one simple trick,” but there are a handful of principles that, if cultivated over time, can help you get better.
  15. Employees Are More Motivated When Companies Are Transparent About SalaryA win-win.
  16. Here’s a Pretty Convincing Argument for Making Friends With Your Co-workersIt’s only awkward for a little while.
  17. about time
    To Get Better at Time Management, Borrow a Training Strategy From Elite AthletesIt’s like high-intensity interval training for the workday.
  18. gender
    Why Some Women Aren’t Excited About Leadership PositionsResearch suggests that sexism in hiring can’t explain the entire gender gap in leadership positions — there’s other stuff going on, too.
  19. productivity
    Design Won’t Save American WorkersDuring the current fixation on the intersection of design and psychology, it’s worth remembering what workers are going through at the moment.
  20. Taking Breaks Is Good for You — But Scheduling Your Breaks Is Even BetterPlanning your downtime at specific intervals can make it easier to recharge your brain.
  21. Why You Should Try Decluttering Your To-Do ListFigure out the single most important thing. Everything else can wait.
  22. To Stop Wasting Time, Change the Way You Make Your To-Do ListBreak it down by hour, rather than by task.
  23. Job Interviews Are Way Less Helpful Than Everyone ThinksWe’re seduced by our own supposed ability to feel out job applicants, even though there’s no evidence that humans are naturally good at this task.
  24. productivity
    To Better Motivate Someone, Understand How Close They Are to Their GoalA new study suggests people’s views of their goals switch depending on how far they are from accomplishing them.
  25. gig economy
    Just How Creepy Are Uber’s Driver-Nudges?A new story highlights the creepy ways in which Uber tries to wring the most profit out of its drivers.
  26. the office
    Even Work-Life Balance Experts Are Awful at Balancing Work and LifeBut there’s hope, for the experts and the rest of us.
  27. productivity
    Why Workplace Competition Can Lead to Both Very Good and Very Bad OutcomesA set of research findings suggests that how competition is framed makes a very big difference.
  28. Make Some Time in Your Workday for a Communication BreakNo talking, no emails, no Slack.
  29. make less-bad decisions
    Everything Always Takes Longer Than You ThinkGetting to know the planning fallacy (and how to beat it).
  30. The Enduring Wisdom of a 1972 Book About TennisWhy some sporting legends credit it with helping them stay cool under pressure.
  31. Thanks to Daylight Saving Time, Nobody’s Getting Anything Done at Work TodayWelcome to Sleepy Monday.
  32. The Key to Productivity Is a Good Desk NeighborThe person you sit next to at work can have a profound effect on your job performance.
  33. It’s Not Just You, Everyone’s Been Less Productive Since the ElectionA survey found that 29 percent of people said their productivity had tanked since the election.
  34. unsolicited advice
    Making a Vague Monthly To-do List Is a Lazy Way to Stay OrganizedAn overly structured daily list can undermine motivation.
  35. The Worst Email Mistake You Can Make, According to a 250,000 Message AnalysisThe scourge of the inbox.
  36. To Feel More Productive, Take a Break to Do Something SelflessTime slows down when you spend it on someone else.
  37. Pretending to Be Busy Is a Status SymbolWhether or not you actually have a lot going on matters less than seeming like you do.
  38. To Be More Productive, First Figure Out Your Productivity StyleAre you more about the results or the process?
  39. 3 Ways to Get Over ‘Status Quo Bias’ at WorkBe rebellious, responsibly.
  40. productivity
    The Internet Has Been Amazing for Disorganized Schlubs Like MeWho needs a “system” when you have Google Docs?
  41. Use Your To-do List to Make Your Job Feel More Meaningful, With This TweakA long list doesn’t have to fill you with dread.
  42. The Most Important Personality Traits for CEOsIt comes down to projects.
  43. To Judge a Decision, Ignore the Outcome and Focus on the ProcessHow “outcome bias” screws over hard workers.
  44. It Seems Your Own Circadian Rhythm Is Helping You Sabotage YourselfThis is annoying.
  45. Shame Yourself Into Productivity With a Public To-do ListPeer pressure at its most helpful.
  46. science of us
    To Bond With Your Co-workers, Take Out the Headphones and Blast Happy TunesThe power of a good office soundtrack.
  47. You Should Copy This 100-Year-Old To-do List ModelIt’s super simple. That’s the whole point.
  48. Free Advice: Use the Very First Hour of Your Day for Creative WorkDo it for the smugness.
  49. There’s a Downside to Keeping Your Work Separate From Your Personal LifeContrary to popular belief, replying to your boss’s email over the weekend may actually be good for the psyche.
  50. The Bullet Journal Works Because It Soothes Your Panicky MindA neuroscientist explains the appeal of the internet’s favorite productivity porn.
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