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    What, Exactly, Is ‘New’ About Promising Young Woman?This is a comedy so dark it’s illegible.
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    The Museum of Failed Self-ImprovementsSeven women on the things they bought hoping to change their lives.
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    What I Learned When I Gave Up Fast FashionMy New Year’s resolution took over my life. In a good way.
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    How to Finally Stop SlouchingEverything we tried to fix our posture in 2019.
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    You Should Get Bangs in 2019A good resolution.
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    How to Feel More in Control of Your Life in 2019Buy a drill.
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    How to Change Without WillpowerFocus on your beliefs, and the rest will follow.
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    Herbal Supplements Are Often Just Made of Rice and Empty PromisesA bottle of St. John’s wort actually contained rice and an Egyptian shrub known to be a powerful laxative. Enjoy!