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  1. original video
    A Fantasy Prom for Teens in NeedKids facing medical and social obstacles find community at a decked out prom.
  2. luminous lupita
    Some Loser Stood Lupita Nyong’o Up at the PromTo quote Pretty Woman: “Big mistake, huge.”
  3. thirst quenchers
    Justin Bieber Crashed a Prom for the Ultimate Ego Boost Go where everybody knows your name.
  4. teens
    Stores Save Teens From Death by HumiliationWith registries to prevent promgoers from wearing the same dress.
  5. business prom-posal
    Riff Raff Is Offering His Escort Services, Just in Time for PromHe’ll even meet the folks!
  6. cruel intentions
    Genius Teen Boys Create Systematic Way to Rank Girls for Prom DatesHigh school as pro-sports industry. 
  7. dress codes
    Some High Schools Are Now Producing Elaborate Guides for Appropriate Prom AttireEveryone loves a good PowerPoint presentation.
  8. in the magazine
    The Look Book Goes to Prom, Where the Skirts Just Keep Getting ShorterThe kids are alright at these three Manhattan proms.
  9. ugly things
    ‘Slutty Chic’ Hot for PromUGLY slutty chic at that.
  10. sticky situations
    Will You Be Our Date to the Duct-tape Prom?It’s the ninth year for this Duck brand duct-tape contest, where students compete to create the most innovative outfits out of the sticky stuff.