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  1. addiction
    The Tragic, Pseudoscientific Practice of Forcing Addicts to ‘Hit Rock Bottom’How a bad idea gave rise to sleep deprivation, sexual humiliation, and all sorts of other abuses.
  2. Consultants Are Making So Much Money ‘Teaching’ Companies About MillennialsDid you know that millennials, unlike every prior generation, enjoy finding meaning in their work?
  3. pseudoscience
    John Oliver Took On Junk Science on Last Week Tonight, and It Was Great“Science is … hugely important. And it deserves better than to be twisted out of proportion and turned into morning-show gossip.”
  4. pseudoscience
    Did a Scammy Sponsored Internet Search-Result Lead to a Cancer Death in China?Authorities are casting a light on Baidu’s sponsored search results after a college student succumbed to cancer.
  5. The Sad Controversy Over a Misleading Autism TestParents wary about autism, unfortunately, offer a particularly nervous, eager market for half-baked science.
  6. bad science
    The Chocolate-Milk Concussion ScandalThis is a pretty spectacular, embarrassing failure.
  7. chipotle
    Chipotle’s Anti-GMO Stance Didn’t Keep Its Customers SafeThe burritos didn’t contain GMOs, but they did contain E. coli.
  8. pseudoscience
    How a Cancer-Faking Huckster Was Able to Fool So Many PeopleShe had a lot of help from outlets eager to push a feel-good story.
  9. pseudoscience
    How Hucksters Are Profiting Off of Testosterone and Growth HormoneNo, you probably don’t have “age-related hypogonadism.”
  10. feelings
    Science Has Found 15 New EmotionsGet ready to feel new feels.
  11. faking orgasms
    Study: Women Fake Orgasms for Their Own PleasureFake it till you make it.
  12. pseudoscience
    Are You the Marrying Type?The trifecta of marriageability.
  13. pseudoscience
    Study: Placebo Sleep Just As Good for You As Actual SleepLies always prevail.
  14. imaginary husbands
    Study: ‘Katie’ and ‘David’ Make the Best SpousesThe more generic the name, the better the hypothetical marriage.
  15. science says
    A Post About a Study About Being BoredGroundbreaking news: There are five different ways to be bored.
  16. is anybody still having sex
    Women Prefer TV Over Sex, Survey SaysNot tonight babe, there’s a Slapchop infomercial on.
  17. Egypt PM Blames Health Crisis on Dirty Breasts Who gave him the GOP’s book of offensive-to-women mad libs?