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Psuedo Science

  1. A Big-time Neuroscientist Threatened to Sue When I Asked About His Side BusinessDr. Bankole Johnson, the chair of psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, also sells a line of four drinks.
  2. oh rats
    Rats in Sexy Little Jackets Reveal Secret of Male AttractionLingerie for rodents.
  3. No, Gwyneth Paltrow, That’s Not How Physical Reality WorksScience of Us will not be taking the time to debunk her claim that it’s possible to emotionally injure water.
  4. it’s science
    Study: Humans Have Only 4 FeelingsWe can still eat them though, yes?
  5. it’s science
    Science Confirms It: Cats Don’t Love UsWe know. We’ve always known.
  6. evil marketing schemes
    A Schedule of When Your Self-Esteem Is LowestAnd when companies should push beauty products.