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  1. conversion therapy
    What Anti-Gay Conversion Therapy Was Like in the 1960sThe author and journalist Steven Gaines recounts his experiences in a tony Manhattan psychiatric hospital.
  2. Stop Psychoanalyzing Trump From Afar, Psychiatrist Commands Other PsychiatristsIt’s “irresponsible, potentially stigmatizing, and definitely unethical,” the president of the American Psychiatric Association said.
  3. strange cases
    This Blind Woman Had 10 Personalities, and Some of Them Could See A case of psychogenic blindness. 
  4. strange cases
    This Man Thought His Family Was Replaced by Evil ClonesIt doesn’t end well.
  5. mental health
    Biological Explanations of Behavior Might Reduce EmpathyWhen we see people as being physically damaged, it might be harder to have sympathy for them.
  6. multiple personalities
    A New, Skeptical Look at ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’A Retro Report exposes just how vulnerable psychology and psychiatry are to hysteria and groupthink.
  7. first person
    I Broke Up With 6 Shrinks. Is It Them, or Me?When therapy resembles dating.
  8. Psychiatry in the Age of Justifiable ParanoiaHow do you talk to a delusional person who isn’t totally wrong to be paranoid? 
  9. moms
    My Mom’s a Therapist, and My Feelings About It Are ComplicatedDrawing the line between daughter and patient. 
  10. psychiatry 2.0
    Can You Diagnose a Manic Episode on Twitter?Maybe, say prominent psychiatrists.