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  1. The Psychology of ‘Unnecessary’ MastectomiesMany women know it makes little medical sense. That’s almost beside the point.
  2. Depressing Study Finds Gender Stereotypes Haven’t Changed Since the 1980sFun!
  3. How the Clothes You Wear Help You FocusOr don’t.
  4. Is Psychology’s Replication Crisis Really Overblown?A response to a famous study from August is making waves, but there’s less there than meets the eye.
  5. What Happens to People Who Get Evicted Over and Over and OverIn his new book, a MacArthur “genius” tells the tragic stories of those trapped at the bottom of Milwaukee’s housing market.
  6. Are You Better Off Not Knowing Your Medical Future?Uncertainty may be a better life path for those who are at risk for Huntington’s.
  7. People Blindly Follow Their Robot LeadersEven if they are clearly going the wrong way.
  8. virtual reality
    Meet Virtual You: How Your VR Self Influences Your Real-Life SelfYour avatar can affect your behavior in the “real” world in some surprising ways. 
  9. colonialism
    How Psychology Helped Support — and Subvert — the British EmpireAll too often we draw a clean, hard line between science and dogma — and between reforming unjust structures and validating them.
  10. creativity
    A Neuroscientist Patiently Explains the Allure of the Adult Coloring BookThe psychological draw of a task that feels creative, but doesn’t actually involve creating anything new.
  11. psychology
    Is There a Biological Purpose for Profanity?Swearing can, in fact, give us measurable benefits.
  12. psychology
    These Scientists Are Trying to Quantify Your Taste in ArtThere’s no accounting for taste, unless maybe there is. 
  13. lies we’ve told
    Turns Out Our 30s Are Going to Suck Happy Monday!
  14. therapy
    There’s a Shortage of Mental-Health Professionals in the U.S.So this explains why it’s so hard to find a good one.
  15. exercises in futility
    I Am Training for a Marathon. So Why Am I Getting Fat? The link between exercise and weight gain isn’t as clear-cut as we’d like to imagine.
  16. personality
    Is It Possible to Be a Perfectionist Without Driving Yourself Nuts?The pursuit of perfection doesn’t have to end in self-loathing when you miss the mark.
  17. siblings
    What Psychology Says About Venus and Serena’s Sibling RivalryNo one loves you or bugs you quite like your brother or sister. 
  18. The Strange Bliss of Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other ThingsOrder in the chaos. 
  19. shes the boss
    How to Boss Yourself AroundIt’s time you started listening to you. 
  20. perception
    Why Screaming Gets Our AttentionWe all know there’s something compelling about shrill shrieks and blood-curdling wails, but a new study casts some light on what that something is.
  21. doomed relationships
    Don’t Stand on One Leg and Think About Your Significant OtherA new old wives’ tale.
  22. work life
    Why Everyone Thinks They’re Doing All the WorkIt’s called overclaiming, and we all do it.
  23. psychology
    What Motivates Extreme Athletes to Take Huge Risks?For many, the answer isn’t what you’d assume. 
  24. tech
    Do High-Tech Promises Turn Us Into Rubes?Our brains go a little bit crazy when someone presents us with exciting new technology.
  25. scarcity
    What Poverty Does to Your BrainTwo researchers’ pathbreaking work, some of which took place in a Jersey shopping mall.
  26. psychology
    How the Internet Makes You Think You’re SmartPeople confuse searching for stuff with knowing stuff.
  27. studies
    You’re Not the Only One Who Doesn’t Know Right From LeftQuick, make a surreptitious L with your thumb and forefinger.
  28. decisions
    To Make Better Decisions, Pretend You’re Deciding for Someone ElseYou are not super great at giving yourself advice, it turns out. 
  29. psychology
    Your Skin May Reflect Your Psychological HealthAnd vice versa. 
  30. weather
    There’s an Upside to This Terrible WeatherAt least you’ll get a ton of work done?
  31. dumb phones
    Seriously, Never Leave Your iPhone at Home Our tiny human brains can’t handle it.
  32. marketing
    A Soda Bottle’s Shape Tricks You Into Buying ItIt’s a concept psychologists call physical fluency, and marketers are taking note. 
  33. Another Reason to Stop Describing Cancer With War Metaphors New evidence of their inadvertent harm. 
  34. stuff
    The Psychological Case Against MaterialismWhy loving stuff will make you unhappy. 
  35. psychology
    Some People Like the Voices in Their HeadsIt’s not always a negative experience. 
  36. Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work; Here’s What Does“WOOP” is a science-backed strategy. Also, it’s fun to say. 
  37. motivation
    How To Get People to Let You Cut Ahead in LineThe persuasive powers of the word because
  38. personality
    Your Friends Know Whether Your Personality Will Eventually Kill YouOur closest friends see us more clearly than we see ourselves.
  39. misheard lyrics
    Why You Keep Mishearing That Taylor Swift LyricExpectations are powerful.
  40. cybersecurity
    Everyone Ignores Security Warnings All the TimeNo students were harmed in the researching of this study.
  41. psychology
    You Can Learn to See the Letter E As GreenResearch suggests that synesthesia can be taught. 
  42. psychology
    We Make Our Big Life Decisions at 29, 39, and So OnThe years before beginning a brand-new decade tend to be spent in self-reflection.
  43. smoking
    Rotten-Fish Smell Helps Smokers Crave Fewer CigarettesGross. 
  44. work
    Just 6 Percent of Us Have the Jobs We Wanted As KidsSays a depressing new study by researchers who probably wanted to be astronauts when they grew up.
  45. psychology
    A Q&A That Will Help You Make Fewer Silly MistakesLet an expert on human folly guide you to fewer bungles.
  46. work
    Disgusting Environments Lead to Unethical Behavior Reminders of cleanliness seem to promote cooperation. 
  47. kids
    Lying to Your Kids — Even for Good Reasons — Will Turn Them Into LiarsThe road to dishonest kids is paved with good intentions.
  48. habits
    Ice-Chewing Is Better Than Sex for People With PagophagiaA theory behind the physiological processes driving an annoying human habit. 
  49. Wallowing in Sad Songs Is the Best, Science ConfirmsIt evokes a wide range of emotions, a multicultural study found.
  50. psychology
    Your Belief in Free Will Depends on Whether You Need to PeeThe philosophical implications of needing to go. 
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