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  1. hormones
    Puberty Makes Teen Cows Moody, TooCows, they’re just like us.
  2. health
    I Was a 4-Year-Old Trapped in a Teenager’s Body“I was all of the things people are when they’re 14 or 15” — except a decade younger.
  3. culture
    Welcome to Puberty TVA new wave of comedies is finally taking teen sexuality seriously.
  4. study
    Most Women Are Catcalled Before They Turn 17According to a new study, 84 percent of women first experience street harassment as minors.
  5. zoom shots
    Justin Bieber’s Wispy New Mustache From All AnglesZoom in. Uncomfortably close.
  6. quotables
    Judy Blume, Forever on the A-Cup Team The beloved author talks to Rookie about boobs and book-banning.