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Pubic Hair

  1. the cut on tuesdays
    Real Women Describe How They Feel About Their Body HairThis week’s episode of The Cut on Tuesdays podcast.
  2. beat around the bush
    When Waxing Makes You Feel Like an AdultLittle did I know that money can’t buy your way out of the indescribable pain.
  3. beat around the bush
    6 Women Test Out a Fancy Pube OilIt’s Emma Watson’s favorite.
  4. beat around the bush
    When You Get Waxed for a Bad ManI only do it for a special occasion, like a man traveling to see me.
  5. beat around the bush
    New York Women Draw Their Own Pubes“I try to maintain order.”
  6. beat around the bush
    What It Feels Like to Wax Your Own Pubic HairAn oil heir confirmed my desire for the labia I was supposed to want, especially as a fire crotch: hairless, no razor burn.
  7. beat around the bush
    9 Men Tell Us What They Do to Their PubesThere are rules and rituals, products and tools.
  8. beat around the bush
    What Even Was Vajazzling?One woman looks back at the mid-aughts most questionable trend.
  9. beat around the bush
    When You Get Waxed for YourselfAt the risk of sounding problematic, I can admit there’s a sense of control that comes from being waxed.
  10. beat around the bush
    What Are Pubes Actually For?We don’t totally know why we have pubic hair.
  11. beat around the bush
    When You Get Waxed for the First TimeJust looking at my pubic hair embarrasses me, even when I’m all by myself.
  12. beat around the bush
    The Bush ReportWhat’s going on with pubes these days?
  13. pubic hair today
    What’s New in Pube Science? New research looks at how women in the U.S. groom their pubic hair.
  14. our casual dysmorphia
    More and More Teen Girls Want to Get Plastic Surgery on Their LabiaEnough teen girls are requesting cosmetic surgery on their labia that a leading gynecologic group felt the need to step in.
  15. pubic musings
    Why You Should Grow Out Your Happy TrailThe next feminist frontier is stomach hair.
  16. hairy situations
    Your Grown-Out Bush Needs Attention, TooAddressing the final category in hair care.
  17. grooming
    The Full-Bush Brazilian: ‘Having It All’ With PubesHippie in the front, porn star in the back.
  18. women against shaving body hair
    Madonna Shows Off Her Impressive Armpit HairShe’s a body-hair pioneer.
  19. euphemisms
    Cameron Diaz’s Life Work is Vagina EuphemismsMixed metaphors aplenty.
  20. our bodies our selfies
    Why Are We Taking Pictures of Our Genitals Now?For feminism and for advertising.
  21. pinterestingly enough
    Schick Introduces Pinterest Boards Inspired by Pubic Hair“Prune for June” takes Pinspiration to an intimate place.
  22. our bodies our selfies
    Our Bodies, Our Selfies: Can Showing Your Labia Make You Feel ‘Normal’?The Large Labia Project and body image in the age of Internet porn.
  23. grooming
    Bikini Waxing Killed CrabsGlad it’s good for something.
  24. anti-fur
    Twelve Years Later, PETA Still Hates Pubic HairThe animal-rights organization recycled a controversial ad bemoaning “fur trim.”