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  1. The Death Rate for White Middle-Aged Americans Is RisingAn epidemic of drug abuse and despair is driving up the death rate among white middle-aged Americans.
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    The U.S. Is Still a Terrible Place for Maternal HealthAnd other facts from a new report on mothers and children worldwide.
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    On Vaccines, Some People Trust Random Internet Comments More Than the CDCBad news for the fight against anti-vaccine hysteria.
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    Teens Are Way More Into Vaping Than Smoking Regular CigarettesEven though vaping is safer, researchers aren’t thrilled about its relative popularity among teens.
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    In Airports, Security Theater Is Morphing Into Ebola TheaterAmericans are asking the government to pretend to protect them from a mostly nonexistent threat, and the government is obliging. Everybody wins!
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    How to Prevent Ebola Panic in the Facebook AgeThe promise and peril of social media as a panic-reduction tool.
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    The Scientific Case for Decriminalizing Sex WorkIt could be the most effective way to reduce global HIV infection rates.