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  1. science of us
    Oh No, People With a Sense of Purpose Are HealthierDamn them!
  2. purpose
    I Want to Live in This Chic PotatoIt will give me the purpose I so desperately need.
  3. science of us
    It’s Okay to Be PurposelessFor now and probably forever.
  4. love and war
    Justin Bieber Apologizes to Fans With Many, Many WordsThe singer says he is taking this time to be “sustainable.”
  5. Living With Purpose Yields a Longer Life and Higher IncomeVirtue pays off.
  6. biebermania
    See the Chaos at Justin Bieber’s VFiles Pop-UpSuperfans and resellers camped out side-by-side.
  7. love yourself
    Some Self-Care Tips for Justin BieberYou should go and love yourself.
  8. purpose
    J.Law Gave Liam Hemsworth a Very Important JobLook! He’s helping, too!
  9. the purpose driven life
    Is This a New Justin Bieber Song or a Regrettable Tattoo Choice?Take our quiz to find out.