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  1. video
    This Grandma Has a Comically Enraging Explanation for Sexism“Boys are worth more than you are, sweetheart.”
  2. happy father’s day
    George Washington Can’t Handle Being a StepdadIt’s weird when he’s the father of America, too.
  3. women in comedy
    This Is Mom Traffic Control, in Real Time “Team one, what is your location?”
  4. women in comedy
    Cry Every Day — The Right WayTake a long look in the mirror.
  5. video
    This Is the Most Romantic Divorce of All Time“I hate you, too.”
  6. pypo
    Get Ready to Give Life A Boot Camp RebootDrop and give me twenty.
  7. pypo
    Watch This Perfect Rebuttal to the ‘She Was Asking for It’ ArgumentIt doesn’t matter what you wear.
  8. pypo
    Watch These Kids at a Spelling Bee Get a Crash Course in Gendered InsultsAmbitious? Bitch? Slut? Let’s learn to spell together!
  9. video
    The Agony and the Ecstasy (But Mostly Agony) of RunningJust one more block.
  10. video
    Internet Troll-Fighting: A Cautionary TaleDon’t make these mistakes.
  11. TFW Your Colleagues Are Super RacistHere’s what to do.
  12. trail of tears
    So, Where Exactly Should You Cry at the Office?A new series from PYPO explores work tears.
  13. Behind Every Good Man There Is a Very Patient WomanThe real truth behind the Gettysburg Address.
  14. women in comedy
    Hark, a Clueless Millennial Tries to Teach the Value of Sorry Not SorryA blessing and a curse to say sorry then not sorry.
  15. women in comedy
    Rose Byrne Would Like You to Try ‘Carerobics’In a video from new female-driven comedy site PYPO.