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  1. 5 questions with…
    Reece Feldman Follows the Timothée Chalamet Rule of Style“I go by the rule of thumb that any time Timothée Chalamet or Harry Styles does something on a red carpet, I’m then allowed to do it.”
  2. bachelor nation
    Crunching the Numbers on the New Season of The BachelorAccording to @bachelordata, keep your eye on Victoria J.
  3. 5 questions with…
    Adam DiMarco Goes to Fashion WeekThe White Lotus star talks the Disney-to-HBO pipeline and Debby Ryan’s “Kubrick stare” on his way to the Prada show in Milan.
  4. q&a
    Lampooning Every Parent’s NightmareNobody wants to drop a baby, but Anna Konkle found a way to make you laugh about it.
  5. books
    The Survivalists Is a Doomsday Fever DreamKashana Cauley’s debut novel raises the question: What would you do to live in a Brooklyn brownstone for free?
  6. art basel
    Suchi Reddy Actually Likes Art Basel for the ArtHer latest installation was inspired by the Miami clouds.
  7. 5 questions with…
    Pauline Chalamet Shares Her Most Embarrassing College StoryLive lobsters were involved.
  8. q&a
    Catching Up With Adam SelmanThe beloved fashion designer and his signature mustache have a big new gig.
  9. 5 questions with…
    Alice Englert Finds Fantasy in HistoryThe Dangerous Liaisons star brings an iconic character down to earth in this prequel to the classic novel.
  10. q&a
    Nicôle Lecky Has the Range‘Mood’ is an honest look at a complex industry and an empathetic portrait of one woman’s experience inside of it.
  11. culture
    Twin Girls Were Separated at Birth — a New Book Explores What Came NextAn interview with Somewhere Sisters author Erika Hayasaki.
  12. 5 questions with…
    Jennifer Tilly Might Stay in the Chucky Universe ForeverThe Chucky star talks about this season’s most meta episode yet.
  13. q&a
    Blowing Up Biblical WomanhoodJeanna Kadlec’s memoir of leaving the church and coming out as a lesbian shows the stranglehold Evangelicalism has on American culture.
  14. 5 questions with…
    Tracee Ellis Ross Celebrates the ‘Hair Believers’ in Her LifeThe Hair Tales executive producer and host explores the healing power of Black women embracing their hair.
  15. q & a
    Fatimah Asghar Redefines the Orphan NarrativeWhen We Were Sisters explores the beauty and pain of makeshift families.
  16. derry girls
    Saoirse-Monica Jackson Bids Derry Girls Good-bye, Twice“A champion always goes out early.”
  17. 5 questions with…
    Ismael Cruz Córdova Belongs in Middle-EarthThe Puerto Rican actor’s starring role in Amazon’s The Rings of Power has been decades in the making.
  18. icons
    Isabelle Huppert Is the MomentThe icon of French cinema talks about her Film Forum retrospective, the MCU, and that Balenciaga campaign.
  19. q&a
    Lio Tipton Is Still ProcessingThe A Friend of the Family actor breaks down their approach to the true-crime genre.
  20. q&a
    Hiam Abbass on Playing Ramy’s Matriarch, MaysaWe spoke to the Ramy star about the show’s ambitious third season.
  21. grief
    ‘Nature Has Its Own Way of Ending Life. I’m Changing the Manner and the Time.’Days before her grandfather-in-law was set to fly to Switzerland for a voluntary assisted death, Rachel Handler called him to say good-bye and more.
  22. ambition
    Even Kelly Ripa Has to Deal With Sexist Bulls- - - at WorkAs the Live! host writes in her new collection of essays, seniority is a “masculine word.”
  23. q&a
    Melanie Chisholm Is Still Proud to Be Sporty SpiceBut being a Spice Girl in the ’90s came with a serious cost.
  24. 5 questions with…
    Angelica Ross Is Putting Pressure on BroadwayThe Chicago star explains how she made one small — but powerful —change to the beloved musical.
  25. american girl doll
    What It’s Like to Create an American Girl DollTalking with Brit Bennett about Claudie, the latest addition to the franchise’s historic dolls.
  26. q&a
    Stephanie LaCava Reinvents the Sad GirlI Fear My Pain Interests You skewers “dissociative feminism” and nepotism babies.
  27. 5 questions with…
    How Gina Prince-Bythewood Made The Woman King ‘Intimately Epic’The filmmaker is giving the action genre a much-needed update.
  28. sexism
    Medical Gaslighting and MeElissa Bassist laughs through mystery pain in her debut memoir, Hysterical.
  29. 5 questions with…
    Audra McDonald Wants You to Keep Fighting the Good FightThe award-winning actor teases her Good Fight character’s “satisfying” ending.
  30. q & a
    Ling Ma Transcends the GimmickThe author’s new short-story collection, Bliss Montage, is a Surrealist exploration of anxiety and pleasure.
  31. millennials
    Everything Dolly Alderton Knows About LifeThe Everything I Know About Love author and screenwriter doles out life advice for Gen Z.
  32. viral
    Taylor Jenkins Reid Knows She’s TrendingBut the Carrie Soto Is Back author avoids BookTok.
  33. 5 questions with…
    Sharon Horgan Wants to Get Out of Her Comfort ZoneThe Bad Sisters creator and star can’t help but try to do it all.
  34. 5 questions with…
    Devery Jacobs Is Taking Control of the NarrativeThe Reservation Dogs star talks writing a personal episode of the series.
  35. feminism
    Who Actually Lost the Sex Wars?And were there any winners? A conversation with Christine Emba, Nona Willis-Aronowitz, and Lorna Bracewell.
  36. 5 questions with…
    Gugu Mbatha-Raw Takes on the Neo-NoirIn Surface, she plays an amnesiac trying to uncover her truth.
  37. culture
    How Jennette McCurdy Survived Child Stardom — and Her MotherShe spoke with the Cut about her memoir, her mother’s abuse, and finding solace in Disneyland.
  38. 5 questions with…
    Tonya Lewis Lee Spotlights the Black Maternal-Health Crisis in AftershockThe documentary’s co-director explores health advocacy through art.
  39. culture
    Kevin JZ Prodigy on Bringing Beyoncé Into Ballroom With “Pure/Honey”Renaissance is Bey’s most direct reference to the ballroom scene yet.
  40. 5 questions with…
    Remi Wolf Is Still Letting Her Freak Flag FlyBut she no longer wants to lie about her birth chart.
  41. 5 questions with…
    Phoebe Robinson Shares Her Biggest Dating Red FlagsThe Everything’s Trash star has standards.
  42. memoir
    Acne Raised MeLauren Chinn’s all-consuming feud with her skin, the subject of her new memoir, was always there for her. Even at her loneliest.
  43. music
    No More Chaos for KehlaniThey’ve found peace of mind, a loving relationship, and romantic table grapes.
  44. thoughts
    Don’t Banish Your Bad ThoughtsIn her debut short-story collection, Nada Alić embraces them — with exaggeration.
  45. reading list
    Honey & Spice Is the Ultimate Summer Romance ReadAuthor Bolu Babalola is a “Romcomoisseur.”
  46. 5 questions with…
    Emma Thompson Is Addressing the Orgasm Gap Head-onHer latest, Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, explores the sexual awakening of a woman in her 60s.
  47. history
    This Pride Month, Can We Talk About Abolition?Amid the corporate pandering, queer abolitionist poet Christopher Soto reminds us that Pride is still protest.
  48. stans
    The Fangirls Deserve Your RespectA conversation with Kaitlyn Tiffany, whose new book explores the very real political and social power of screaming fans.
  49. power
    Elizabeth Warren Is Still FuriousThe senator spoke with the Cut about the threat to Roe, recent mass shootings, and why “we don’t have the luxury of quitting.”
  50. q&a
    Is Somewhere Good the Future of Social Media?We spoke to Annika Hansteen-Izora, the designer of the app, about slowing down and truly connecting.
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