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Queen Victoria

  1. the royal family
    As of Today, Queen Elizabeth II Is Britain’s Longest-Ruling MonarchAt 63 years and 216 days, she just surpassed Victoria. A dual look back at two queens, 127 years, and many, many pets.
  2. granny panties
    You Can Now Bid on Queen Victoria’s Roomy Cotton PantiesThe monarch’s monogrammed undies are expected to sell for several thousand pounds.
  3. none more black
    The Met’s New Exhibit, ‘Death Becomes Her,’ Will Thrill Your Inner GothCome over to the dark side.
  4. none more black
    The Costume Institute’s Upcoming Exhibit Has a Somber ThemeTitled “Death Becomes Her.”
  5. nudity enthusiasts
    Timely Report: Queen Victoria Was Very Into NudityCommissioning all the nudie artwork. 
  6. advice
    Past Help: Ask Clio, Muse of HistoryBoyfriends who insta-like other girls and professional punctuation.