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  1. figuring it out
    Is There a Sexy or at Least Normal Way to Take Off Pants?Hmm. Let’s find out.
  2. questions
    Can Someone Please Explain Amanda Knox’s Wedding Website to Us?Amanda Knox and her fiance announce a sci-fi wedding that we need translated.
  3. yes or no
    Answering Recent Health-News QuestionsWith yeses and nos.
  4. questions
    Why Does My Cat Insist on Watching Me Pee?An investigation into one of life’s most puzzling mysteries.
  5. science of us
    How to Talk to PeopleI’ve been wondering.
  6. questions
    What Does My Dog Think I’m Doing When I’m Watching TV?Experts weigh in on my nagging question.
  7. what?
    I Have So Many Questions About This Bizarre and Unsettling Donald Trump VideoHelp?
  8. questions
    Why Are Lana Del Rey and Jack Antonoff Wearing These Wrinkled Suits?Twinning gone wrong.
  9. questions
    Trump Reportedly Had Trouble Knowing the Difference Between HIV and HPVBill Gates says the president asked him about it twice.
  10. questions
    Michele Bachmann Has Asked God If She Should Run for Al Franken’s Senate SeatThe former congresswoman and failed presidential candidate is weighing a return to politics, if God gives her the go-ahead.
  11. inquiring minds
    Why Is Popping Bubble Wrap So Satisfying?An important investigation, following the news of the classic product’s change in design. 
  12. studies
    You’re Not the Only One Who Doesn’t Know Right From LeftQuick, make a surreptitious L with your thumb and forefinger.
  13. ask me anything
    It’s Your Chance to Ask Robin Givhan AnythingShe’s hosting a Reddit AMA at 10 a.m.
  14. niche dilemmas
    Reporters: If a Source Creeps on You, Should You Write About It?House of Cards and the press corps’ open secrets.
  15. dresstiquette
    J.Lo’s Floating-Iceberg-Butt Dress Raises QuestionsWhat’s the etiquette for going commando in a borrowed gown?