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  1. quotable
    People Dress Their Babies and Dogs Like Cookie From EmpireTaraji does not approve.
  2. quotable
    Did This Nice Actor Get Married for the Airport Benefits?The best part of marriage? Let him tell you. 
  3. taylor swift’s ex-boyfriend
    Taylor Swift Stopped Dating Because the World Broke Her HeartNot saying it’s your fault, but … 
  4. dreams
    Jennifer Aniston Says Not Wearing Makeup Is ‘So Fabulous — So Dreamy’Huh. 
  5. fearless
    Katie Holmes Dares Dark Forces“I don’t have any fear now.”
  6. unavoidable blips
    Michelle Obama Agrees: Middle School Sucked“All the slights and embarrassments and heartaches …”
  7. quotable
    Jenny Slate’s Thoughts on Success Are Solid Inadvertent life coach. 
  8. prudence
    Taylor Swift Looks at True Love With Business Acumen, EfficiencyAge before beauty before love. 
  9. quotable
    Gaby Hoffmann on Childhood at the Adults’ TableChild of the Chelsea Hotel. 
  10. quotable
    Lena Dunham Wishes People Didn’t Expect Her to Speak for All Women Don’t look to Girls for role models.
  11. just say krautrock
    Keira Knightley’s Tricks for Fooling Music SnobsMention krautrock. 
  12. quotable
    Manolo Blahnik Makes Up Insane Backstories for His Shoes“This is borderline Liz Taylor on a bad day.”
  13. quotables
    Kelis: ‘Bossy’ Not a Feminist Issue“Give me a break.”
  14. quotable
    Drew Barrymore Sees Life As a Lucky PennyThe universe hands her a flower.
  15. clean fights
    Julia Roberts Loves a Good Fistfight “If you’re really mad and want to have a fight, then put your dukes up.”
  16. quotable
    Philip Treacy Calls Out Isabella Blow’s Critics“They mocked her. It was cruel.”
  17. quotables
    Shonda Rhimes: It’s Okay for Women on TV to Have One-Night Stands“A bunch of older guys told me that nobody was going to watch a show about a woman who had casual sex.”
  18. quotable
    Mary Gaitskill Welcomes ‘Bitched-Up’ Male CriticsIt hasn’t soured her on men entirely.
  19. quotable
    Michelle Rodriguez on Gay Rumors: ‘Eh, They’re Not Too Far Off’“I’ve gone both ways. I do as I please.”
  20. quotables
    Gwyneth Paltrow Rallies Famous Friends Against Vanity FairAsks them not to be quoted.
  21. Lake Bell Hates Girls Who Taalk Liiike ThissssDrop your voice an octave if you wanna be her friend.
  22. quotable
    Alexander Wang Initially Turned Down Balenciaga“I’ll be the most hated man in fashion!”
  23. quotable
    Rob Kardashian Defends Controversial Baby Name“It sounds cool.”
  24. quotables
    Emma Watson Is Not a Celebrity Shoe HoarderThe anti–Paris Hilton.
  25. quotable
    Jason Wu Had 150 Dolls, Hoarded Barbies“I used them for hairstyling.”
  26. quotables
    Man Learns Difficulty of Maintaining Hairless Pubic Area“Block off two hours of your time.”
  27. quotables
    Victoria Beckham: ‘Everyone Thinks I’m Going to Be a Cow’The plight of those who never smile.
  28. ivy league
    Princeton Mom Gave a Lecture at PrincetonTaught a lesson on “total desperation.”
  29. Peter Dinklage on Being a ‘DwILF’Can we ban terms that end in -ILF yet?
  30. quotable
    Maggie Gyllenhaal Teaches People StyleWatch About LoveIt’s more than a haircut.
  31. Gloria Steinem: Leave Kim’s Body AloneMore like: Leave all women’s bodies alone.
  32. quotable
    Female Senators Sick of Talking About AbortionAlways brought up by men, Senator Barbara Boxer says.
  33. quotable
    Zooey Deschanel Is a FeministWhatever, fine, cool, welcome.
  34. quotable
    Lea Michele’s Breasts Are Sentient, MaleAt least she didn’t call them “the girls.”
  35. quotables
    Miuccia Prada Never Wanted to Design ClothesShe would’ve rather worked in politics or theater.
  36. quotables
    Marc Jacobs Went Through Stuff When Dior CalledLike a big fight.
  37. weather report
    Bad European Weather Has Already Driven Cathy Horyn to DrinkWe’ve all been there.
  38. quotable
    Matt Bomer Discusses Waxing for Magic MikeApparently it was a team-bonding thing.
  39. quotable
    Beth Ditto Still Thinks Karl Lagerfeld Is ‘Old and Skinny’“Well, what is he? Young and fat? He’s not!”
  40. quotable
    Brad Goreski Admits He’s a Bit of a Crybaby Are you really surprised?