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  1. 25 famous women on
    25 Powerful Commencement Speeches by Famous WomenGet in the back-to-school spirit with these truth bombs from Taylor Swift, Michelle Obama, Toni Morrison, and more.
  2. culture
    Imagining Radical Futures Through Art and TechnologyThe Cut’s Lindsay Peoples moderates a conversation at the New Museum about art and storytelling — and how tech can help and hinder both.
  3. culture
    A Strange Loop at the New MuseumCut editor Lindsay Peoples and playwright Michael R. Jackson talk representation, Tyler Perry, and what “real” Black life looks like.
  4. culture
    At the New Museum, Faith Ringgold and Women in the WorkforceRebecca Traister, Kimberly Drew, Paola Ramos, and Isolde Brielmaier kicked off a new speaker series from the Cut and the New Museum.
  5. quotables
    How 3 Female Filmmakers Navigate the IndustryFilm makers Desiree Akhavan, Dianna Agron, and Erin Lee Carr talked to the Cut at FFFEST.
  6. quotables
    How 4 Groundbreaking Female Filmmakers Get It DoneProducer Jana Babatunde-Bey, director Kyra Sedgwick, comedian Phoebe Robinson, and financier Rena Ronson talked to the Cut at Sundance.
  7. quotables
    ‘They Have Great Beaches’: The Most Bizarre Quotes From the Trump-Kim Summit“I said, ‘Boy, look at that view. Wouldn’t that make a great condo?’”
  8. quotables
    How 3 Successful Female Directors Get It DoneWriter and director Olivia Milch, director Dawn Porter, and director Susanna White in conversation with senior writer Allie Jones.
  9. quotables
    What We Learned at Time’s Up’s First New York EventThoughts from Lupita Nyong’o, Julianne Moore, and more activists.
  10. quotables
    A Groundbreaking Creative Duo on What Happens When Art Meets FashionThe two talked about the death of criticism and the future of fashion at Harvard last night.
  11. quotables
    Two Model Couples Reveal Their Relationship SecretsAt a J Brand luncheon.
  12. quotables
    The 5 Most Annoying Quotes From This Montauk Real-Estate BroDylan Eckardt is at it again.
  13. quotables
    Reese Witherspoon Really Wants a Second Season of Big Little LiesShe discussed the show and sustainability over a Tiffany & Co. breakfast.
  14. quotables
    André Leon Talley on Melania, Kellyanne, and Fashion-Industry DiversityHe called Conway’s inauguration outfit “a drive-by purchase.”
  15. coming (back) to america
    Tom Ford Runs on Dunkin’, Has Some Thoughts About TrumpThe designer explains why he’s returning to the U.S. after years in London.
  16. quotables
    Raf Simons Not Inspired by Virgil Abloh’s Designs, Thinks He’s a ‘Sweet Guy’The fashion version of “I don’t know her.”
  17. quotables
    DVF Says She’s Not a Jet-setter, Just an ‘Old Lady Who Knows Everybody’She also talked about Diana Vreeland and Melania Trump.
  18. Gloria Steinem on Whether It’s Possible to Feel Compassion for TrumpThe icon talks about the president-elect, bullying, and her forthcoming book.
  19. quotables
    Alex Wang Reveals The Secret Behind Partying Just as Hard As Alex WangAnd opens up about his time at Balenciaga.
  20. quotables
    Karl Lagerfeld Is ‘Not on an Ego Trip,’ Okay?In fact, the designer is so humble, you wouldn’t even believe it.
  21. quotables
    Lupita Nyong’o Talks About the ‘Lording of Lighter Skin’She discussed the importance of seeing darker-skinned women represented.
  22. quotables
    Kendall Jenner’s Squad Has a ‘Pretty Lame’ NameOf course they do.
  23. diversity blues
    Kerry Washington Refuses to Be the Token Black Girl“If there’s only one of us in the room, we’re still a token; we don’t actually have an empowered voice.” 
  24. women in film
    When Amandla Stenberg Calls People Out, They ListenShe got her latest role by questioning the script’s portrayal of women.
  25. beauty chats
    What Beauty Means When Your Mom Was the First Black Miss AmericaLion Babe on her new eyeliner with M.A.C.
  26. wise words
    Kat Graham on Beauty and Changing the World“I’m doing everything in my power from where I’m standing to challenge the industry.”
  27. quotables
    FKA Twigs Didn’t Realize Celebrities Are SpecialShe’s so normal. 
  28. bringing sexy back?
    Emilia Clarke Says Her Hotness Is Thanks to Photoshopping and VodkaSame. 
  29. quotables
    Helen Mirren, More Hard-core Than You, Might Get a Sleeve of Snake Tattoos“I quite like snakes.”
  30. quotables
    Mindy Kaling Sends People Cupcakes to Apologize for Being ‘Too Assertive’There’s an “entire cottage industry” of apology gifts you can send.
  31. Kate Hudson Loves Fake Junk FoodHer cheat-day dream is very different from ours. 
  32. new couple on the block
    Soko Was Too Cool to Slide Into Girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s DMsBut she does have a zine’s worth of DM sexts!
  33. social impact
    Black Lives Matter’s Opal Tometi on the HashtagHow three words sparked a national movement.
  34. How Hollywood Failed Black Women With Nina CastingTa-Nehisi Coates’s essay sums up Hollywood’s racism.
  35. i wanna dance with somebody
    Kristen Stewart Wishes She Could Dance Like Nobody’s WatchingThe normally reserved actress opens up, and it’s delightful.
  36. quotables
    Rihanna’s Mom Is Cooler Than Your MomAt her daughter’s Puma runway show, she maintained her chill.
  37. quotables
    A Year After Coming Out, Ellen Page ReflectsThe actress was wonderfully candid in a new interview with the Guardian.
  38. mooooooom!
    Michelle Obama Used Some Surprisingly Uncool Slang Barack’s just happy he’s the cool parent today.
  39. sister act
    Teen Amy Schumer Had A Walk to Remember Comedy RoutineAs remembered by her sister Kim.
  40. love and war
    Gillibrand Calls for Paid Leave in MLK Speech“These burdens are even higher in African-American communities.”
  41. quotables
    Eileen Myles Thinks Men Should Just Go Away for a Little WhileJust for 50 years or so, no big deal.
  42. advice
    Adele Has Some Really Good Advice About ‘Building Your Brand’Just be a person.
  43. quotables
    Prince William: ‘I Am a Prince’He is also very tall.
  44. quotables
    Emily Blunt on the Rise of ‘Girl’ ThrillersGone GirlGirl on the Train — why do women love dark dramas? 
  45. night terrors
    Kanye Dreams About Shoes, Wakes Up in a Cold Sweat“I’m waking up … every night being like I want to fucking draw shoes!”
  46. ‘tis the season
    Make a Candy-Cane Turkey Like Christmas Goddess Debi MazarPork-turkey is the best turkey.
  47. vagina talk
    Do Vaginas Have the Power to End War?Spike Lee and the cast of Chi-Raq weigh in.
  48. quotables
    Cate Blanchett Is Sick of Having the Same Conversations About Women in Hollywood“We’ll be back here like Groundhog Day next year having the same fucking symposium.”
  49. quotables
    Helen Mirren and Glenn Close Show Older Women Are Still SexyThe two actresses skewered Hollywood’s double standards at Monday night’s Gotham Awards.
  50. spooky scary
    Is Ghost Hunting Officially a Celebrity Trend? Tinashe also communes with the spirit world.
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