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  1. quotables
    ‘Queen of Hoeism’ Zola Tells the Story Behind Her Twitter SagaIn an interview with Rolling Stone.
  2. quotables
    Dinner-Party Queen Jill Kargman Will Bring Up Her Birth Control, Thank You“God forbid I talk about my [uterus] for one minute. It’s not about being irreverent. It’s leveling the playing field.”
  3. quotables
    Planned Parenthood’s President Is Grateful for Beyoncé“Once Beyoncé does a world tour with the moniker of feminism, it’s hard to call us a fringe movement.”
  4. quotables
    Raf Simons: ‘I Don’t Want to Do Collections Where I’m Not Thinking’“Maybe [fashion] was nicer when it was more elitist, not for everybody.”
  5. quotables
    Read Amy Schumer’s Funny, Empowering Speech on Women in Media“I wish this wasn’t so negative. I wish these magazines weren’t pitting women against each other.”
  6. quotables
    Eva Chen on Instagram Style vs. Condé Nast Style“I have not worn a Utilikilt or a hoodie yet.”
  7. quotables
    Katy Perry Took in a Renaissance Courtship DanceRenaissance dance is “basically the anti-Grindr.”
  8. space jam
    It’s Hard to Date When You’re Princess LeiaAnd other wisdom nuggets from Carrie Fisher.
  9. quotables
    Hypochondria and Roast Chicken: The Quotable Alber Elbaz“You are laughing, but I am not.”
  10. quotables
    Kim Kardashian Praises Sleeping in Your Makeup“Charlotte Tillbury is my hero because she has never let her husband see her without makeup on.”
  11. quotables
    A Top Female Director on Gender Balance in Hollywood“We have awesome fun stories to tell! We’ve got the skills!”
  12. quotables
    Alber Elbaz on the Relentless Pace of Fashion“I personally don’t like the word revolution. I like evolution; I always did.”
  13. answers
    Here’s How to Describe Your Future, If Anyone AsksCourtesy of Jaden Smith.
  14. quotables
    Orphan Black’s Star Isn’t Afraid to Speak OutTatiana Maslany’s not going to stop talking about sexism.
  15. shopping
    Amy Schumer Wants to Be Our StylistShe understands the power of a good blazer.
  16. quotables
    How to Level the Playing Field in HollywoodOne way for female directors to break through.
  17. quotables
    Sarah Silverman on Twitter, Depression, and the 2016 Ticket“I do think that any form of expression can be positive for someone feeling very alone.”
  18. eyebrows
    The Bold Eyebrows of a Bond Villain Consider this Jessica Chastain’s audition.
  19. fallen idols
    Chrissie Hynde Doesn’t Care If You Buy Her Book or Her Version of RapeShe’s a rock star, not a spokesperson. 
  20. quotables
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Glad She Was Trained in the ’60sShe’s glad she was trained in the Mad Men era.
  21. quotables
    Even Celebrities Are Afraid of Generation ZThe cast of Scream Queens on the scariest generation of all.
  22. quotables
    Jennifer Lopez Is Just a Mom Promoting Gender EqualityShe’s inspired by Viola Davis and Patricia Arquette.
  23. quotables
    Lena Dunham on Interviewing Hillary Clinton“By the end she was like, ‘You have to give me the name of your ear, nose, and throat doctor!’”
  24. true love exists
    Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Set New Relationship StandardReset your relationship standards right now.
  25. quotables
    Kate McKinnon Is Repping for Crazy Cat LadiesThere’s nothing to be ashamed of.
  26. quotables
    Jenny Slate Feels All the Emotions and None of the ShameJust like you and I.
  27. quotables
    Please Don’t Tell Iman She Looks Like Tyra BanksSeriously.
  28. body positivity
    Tina Fey Has the Butt of a Noble, Mythological CreatureForget contouring — it’s all about centauring.
  29. retractions
    Lana Del Rey Isn’t Anti-Feminist Space is just really interesting.
  30. quotables
    Tommy Hilfiger on Fashion’s Love Affair With TennisIt’s not just the chance to see Rafa with his shirt off.
  31. Donna Karan Talks Mentors, Leotards, and Saying Good-bye to Her Namesake BrandIn an excerpt from her upcoming memoir.
  32. quotables
    Rick Owens Talks About His Rogue Male ModelAnd weighs in on his other controversial moments, in a new interview with Surface.
  33. quotables
    Kathleen Hanna Gives Her Blessing to BeyoncéAnd Taylor, and Miley, and the rest of the pop feminist pantheon.
  34. quotables
    Why Are Late-Night Shows a Total Sausage-Fest??Amy Schumer explains it all.
  35. quotables
    Tavi Gevinson Loves Teen WitchesBreak out your black shawls and pentagram jewelry.
  36. quotables
    ‘Shine Theory’ Also Applies to Dating Taraji P. Henson has it all figured out.
  37. Hedi Slimane on Yves, His Skinny Obsession, and RebrandingPlus, what he thinks the fashion industry is doing wrong.
  38. shes the boss
    12 Famous Women on Their MentorsSuccessful women reflect on the role models who influenced their careers along the way, from agents to therapists to best friends to moms.
  39. quotables
    Which Woman Do We Want to See on the $10 Bill? Harriet Tubman, Angela Davis, Oprah, and more suggestions from the crowd at the opening night of Hamilton.
  40. quotables
    Jenna Lyons Addresses J.Crew’s Recent StrugglesAnd the retailer’s plans for J.Crew Mercantile outlets are firmly in place.
  41. quotables
    Mindy Kaling Is Confident, Okay?Wanna be like Mindy?
  42. deal breakers
    Miles Teller: Such a DisappointmentHe told Esquire all about his beer tattoo.
  43. quotables
    Paper Towns Author on Why Cara Delevingne Rules“Cara Delevingne doesn’t exist to feed your narrative or your news feed .”
  44. quotables
    Liz Lemon: A Stellar Role Model for Life in Your 40sEven Charlize Theron agrees!
  45. quotables
    Amy Schumer and Hillary Clinton Bonded Over Dumb MenThis should be their campaign platform.
  46. quotables
    Read Martha Stewart and Justin Bieber’s Flirty First-Date Convo“What’s your favorite mode of transportation, Justin?”
  47. people who dgaf
    Kristen Stewart Has a Newfound Apathy for All Things“I lit my universe on fire and I watched it burn.”
  48. quotables
    Amy Schumer Wants You to Catch That Old DWithout apology.
  49. quotables
    Viola Davis: I Didn’t Want to Be the Vogue WomanThe actress explains her choice to “woman up.”
  50. quotables
    Michelle Obama: Don’t Conflate Me With Other Strong Women Just because Hillary’s running for office doesn’t mean she will.
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