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  1. quotables
    Alexander McQueen Once Advised Karlie Kloss to Throw Her Dress“Remember — YOU own the dress, the dress does not own you!”
  2. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Sarah Burton ‘Wasn’t the Trendiest Girl’And she’s still not allowed to talk about Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.
  3. Video: An Homage to McQueen in RuPaul’s Drag Race Premiere?Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, no shade intended.
  4. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Watch Sarah Burton and Cathy Horyn Discuss the ‘McQueen Woman’Also, how designers seem to coordinate trends among themselves every season.
  5. r.i.p. mcqueen
    McQueen’s ‘Savage Beauty’ May Show in London After AllThe label says they’ll make an official announcement of their “plans” soon.
  6. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Slideshow: Stylish Museumgoers at the McQueen Exhibit’s Final HoursIt’s officially the eighth most visited exhibit in the Metropolitan Museum’s history.
  7. r.i.p. mcqueen
    The Alexander McQueen Exhibit Broke Attendance Records This WeekendAnd it’s got one more week to go.
  8. r.i.p. mcqueen
    The Alexander McQueen Exhibit Will Be Open Until Midnight on Its Last Two DaysThe museum expects lots of last-minute visitors.
  9. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Alexander McQueen Left His Money to Charity, His Family, and His DogsHere’s a list of his beneficiaries.
  10. r.i.p. mcqueen
    500,000 People Have Seen the Alexander McQueen Exhibit at the MetWell, by the time you read this, they will have.
  11. r.i.p. mcqueen
    The Met Is Extending the McQueen Exhibit to August 7You can also pay extra to see it on Mondays.
  12. r.i.p. mcqueen
    The Met’s McQueen Exhibit Got More Visitors Its First Day Open Than Any Costume Institute ShowIt didn’t quite break Van Gogh’s record, though.
  13. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Look at This Tiny Alexander McQueen Armadillo-Shoe Ornament!They’re already back-ordered, naturally.
  14. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Video: Tour the Met’s New Alexander McQueen ExhibitSee the designer’s most iconic dresses up close.
  15. r.i.p. mcqueen
    See More Beautiful Images of the Pieces in the Met’s Alexander McQueen ExhibitAlso, the label’s new creative director, Sarah Burton, talks about working with the late, great designer.
  16. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Sarah Burton Deliberated Taking the McQueen Job for Weeks“For quite a long time, I didn’t want the job.”
  17. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Sarah Burton on Alexander McQueen: ‘I Knew There Was No Way I Could Pretend to Be Him’“But I’ve worked here for so long, there’s been a big part of me in those collections all along the way.”
  18. r.i.p. mcqueen
    See Nick Knight’s Tribute Video for Alexander McQueenIt’s set to a soundtrack by Björk and features McQueen’s most iconic pieces.
  19. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Next Year’s Costume Institute Gala Opens the Met’s Sure-to-Be-Stunning Alexander McQueen ExhibitIt tingles, doesn’t it?
  20. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Anna Wintour, Naomi Campbell, Daphne Guinness, and More Attend Alexander McQueen’s Memorial in LondonThey wore their finest somber McQueen looks.
  21. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Russian Vogue Pays Tribute to Alexander McQueenWith a supplemental fall-collections cover.
  22. r.i.p. mcqueen
    The Last Dress Alexander McQueen Designed May Not Have Been a Runway LookInstead, it might have been the simple silk charmeuse gown he created for a friend for Elton John’s ball in June.
  23. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Visionaire’s Alexander McQueen Book Is PriceyThat’s $295 worth of pretty pictures!
  24. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Alexander McQueen Dresses Fail to Sell at AuctionEach was expected to fetch around $20,000.
  25. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Sarah Jessica Parker Wears More Alexander McQueenShe’s warming up for the big award she has to present to him on Monday.
  26. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Sarah Jessica Parker to Present McQueen Tribute at the CFDA AwardsShe had a McQueen moment in 2003.
  27. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Isabella Blow’s McQueen Collection to Be AuctionedShe may have had the best collection of anyone.
  28. r.i.p. mcqueen
    McQueen Had Financial Difficulties Before His DeathIf he couldn’t turn a significant profit, what hope do other young designers have?
  29. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Cocaine, Tranquilizers, and Sleeping Pills Found in Alexander McQueen’s BloodA coroner said the designer was under work pressures and overwhelmed with grief for his mother’s death.
  30. r.i.p. mcqueen
    The Probable Onslaught of Alexander McQueen Books BeginsThe first biography since his death comes out May 7.
  31. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Close Friends Shocked by Alexander McQueen’s SuicideDespite the designer’s emotional struggles, no one saw it coming on February 11.
  32. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Housing Works Launches an Alexander McQueen Online AuctionA mint-condition fur-and-leather bustier dress from fall 2007 is $217 so far.
  33. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Alexander McQueen’s Ashes to Be Scattered in ScotlandHis family still doesn’t understand why he killed himself last month.
  34. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Alexander McQueen Loses Design Award to StudentA folding plug won design of the year over McQueen’s spring collection.
  35. quotables
    Why Alexander McQueen Disagreed With Playing It Safe“We don’t all want to dress like soldiers.”
  36. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Video: Alexander McQueen’s Last Collection Up CloseOh, the shoes!
  37. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Alexander McQueen’s Final Collection Walks in ParisReporters watched in silence while McQueen’s assistants tried not to cry.
  38. mcqueen’s future
    Gareth Pugh Denies Talks to Succeed Alexander McQueenRumors surfaced over the weekend that he was the front-runner to take over design at the label.
  39. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Photographers Banned From Fall 2010 McQueen PresentationBut don’t worry! You’ll still be able to see the clothes.
  40. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Daphne Guinness Among Luminaries at McQueen’s FuneralNaomi Campbell, Stella McCartney, and Kate Moss also attended.
  41. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Alexander McQueen’s Funeral to Take Place TodayThe service is for family only.
  42. mcqueen’s future
    Guess How Much McQueen’s Sales Are Up?Oh, only 1,400 percent.
  43. mcqueen’s future
    McQueen Label to Go On, Show at Paris Fashion WeekGucci Group addressed the fate of the label today.
  44. mcqueen’s future
    PPR to Address Fate of McQueen Label TomorrowSome experts think it might find success under another designer.
  45. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Coroner Announces McQueen’s Cause of DeathAsphyxiation and hanging.
  46. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Betsey Johnson’s Last-minute McQueen Tribute“Oh my God, he loves those candy wax big red lips!”
  47. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Fate of McQueen Label Uncertain As Rumors Surrounding Death SurfaceIs it best for the label to close down altogether?
  48. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Alexander McQueen’s Office Urgently Calls Back SamplesIn an effort to protect his legacy.
  49. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Tonchi on McQueen: A ‘Little Cog That Got Squeezed’The editor suggests the fashion industry had something to do with the designer’s suicide.
  50. r.i.p. mcqueen
    Retrospective: A Decade of McQueen’s WorkWe put together a look at our favorite pieces from his collections, dating back to 2001.
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