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  1. media
    The Shows You Watch Build Your Perception of the WorldFriends versus Little Mosque on the Prairie.
  2. Psychology’s Favorite Tool for Measuring Racism Isn’t Up to the JobAlmost two decades after its introduction, the implicit association test has failed to deliver on its lofty promises.
  3. xenophobia
    Many People Are Overestimating How Many Muslims There Are in Their CountryMix fear-mongering with a certain cognitive quirk, and this is the sort of thing that happens.
  4. The Biased Policies That Are Pushing Black Girls Out of SchoolAnd the instructional tool kit trying to change that.
  5. identity
    Language Matters If You’re Trying to Persuade a Trump VoterInsights from a sociologist and a cognitive scientist.
  6. mortality
    Black People Are Now Living Almost As Long As White People, But There’s a CatchThere’s been a heartening reduction in the racial lifespan gap, but it’s hiding some bad news for public health.
  7. race
    Want More Trump-like Politicians? Make White People Feel WhiterAs America gets closer and closer to being majority minority, white people will feel more threatened and politics will get uglier.
  8. Trump’s ‘Inner Cities’ Fetish Is Nostalgic, Messy RacismThe main things on fire in American “inner cities” are the home prices.
  9. What Happens When Black People Learn They Should Fear the PoliceA new study traces the effects of a vicious police beating on 911 calls, and suggests increasing distrust of the police can lead to bad consequences.
  10. stop-and-frisk
    What Are the Psychological Effects of Stop-and-Frisk?Donald Trump wants to bring it back, but it probably made it harder for police to do their jobs in the long run.
  11. racism
    The Case Against Hillary Clinton’s ‘Deplorables’ SpeechIt may feel good to label people as good or evil, but racism and power are much more complicated than that.
  12. code switch
    ‘Multiracial’ Is Code for ‘Not Too Black,’ and Don’t Let Kanye Fool YouDecoding Yeezy season four’s casting call.
  13. People Are Still Uniquely Scared of Hip-hopAnd they think the lyrics are more real.
  14. race
    The Weird Connection Between Smiling and RacismYes, your brain can make quick, sloppy, discriminatory judgments. But there are ways to nudge it back on track.
  15. motherhood
    I’m White. My 4-Year-Old Son’s Black. How Do We Talk About ‘Bad Guys’?Why did my preschooler ask if a black biker were “bad”?
  16. franzenology
    Why Does Jonathan Franzen Make It So Hard to Like Him?Franzen says he has “never been in love with a black woman.”
  17. Half of Dermatologists Say They Weren’t Trained to Spot Cancer on Black SkinRacial disparities in health care start in med schools.
  18. race
    The Tuskegee Experiment Kept Killing Black People Decades After It EndedA jarring new analysis shows how its effects lingered for decades afterward.
  19. Yes, Racial Anxiety Motivates Trump SupportLess so the “economic insecurity” thing, when you look at the data.
  20. race
    Rachel Dolezal’s One Regret Is That She Didn’t Identify As Black Sooner“I’m still me, and nothing about that has changed.”
  21. education
    A Simple Way to Get More Minority Kids Into ‘Gifted’ ProgramsThere’s a lot of bias lurking behind the question of which kids get which educational opportunities.
  22. race
    Is Racism ‘Saving’ Black People From Opioid Overdoses?There could be an unanticipated positive side effect to how bad some white doctors are at dealing with black pain.
  23. race
    Should Prosecutors Be Told the Race of People They’re Prosecuting?In a new paper, researchers make an intriguing proposal for reducing bias in the justice system.
  24. Why Minorities Face More Health Problems From Work StressA new study shows that less education means less secure employment and more stress — which can be deadly.
  25. How Hollywood Failed Black Women With Nina CastingTa-Nehisi Coates’s essay sums up Hollywood’s racism.
  26. identity
    Why Are Young Men Less Likely to Identify As Multiracial?New research finds a gender divide when it comes to racial identity.
  27. science of us animations
    Why Résumés Contribute to Discrimination at WorkThe secret, persuasive power of names and other résumé indicators.
  28. mental illness
    A Powerful Essay About Race and Mental Illness “I was sure I was letting Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman down by talking about my silly little feelings.”
  29. The Gender Controversy Over White Mortality“It’s sometimes the case that when bloggers are responding in real time, they’re looking at one small slice of it without looking into the one bigger picture in which it fits.”
  30. The Death Rate for White Middle-Aged Americans Is RisingAn epidemic of drug abuse and despair is driving up the death rate among white middle-aged Americans.
  31. race
    A Strange Study Involving the ‘White-Man Effect’ in Sierra LeoneA new study raises important questions about how experiment subjects process what they’re being asked to do.
  32. bias
    What a Poetry Kerfuffle Can Teach Us About Bias“If I’d pulled the poem then I would have been denying that I gave the poem special attention because of the poet’s Chinese pseudonym.”
  33. crime
    A Crime and Policing Expert Critiques Black Lives Matter’s Police-Reform PlanCampaign Zero is a very good start, though a couple things could have made it better.
  34. race
    What 311 Calls Can Tell Us About GentrificationA new study highlights the tensions that exist at “fuzzy” racial borders.
  35. race
    Does Asking White People for Moral Self-Reflection About Race Actually Work?A meeting between Hillary Clinton and Black Lives Matter activists highlights two differing approaches to solving American’s race problem.
  36. race
    What Happens When Minority Kids Are Taught Not to Talk About RaceA striking study in ignoring the obvious.
  37. race
    Yes, White People, It Is About YouJust not in the way you think.
  38. race
    Rachel Dolezal: I’m Black, Not African-American“I wouldn’t say I’m African American, but I would say I’m black.”
  39. political science
    Why the Confederate Flag Fell So SuddenlyAfter decades of stalled debate, the symbol swiftly lost support.
  40. alice goffman
    I Fact-checked Alice Goffman With Her SubjectsAn eventful two days in Philly.
  41. q&a
    Why Do We Fetishize Black Hair?Author Taiye Selasi discusses her new collection of poems for Dove that encourages little girls to “Love your hair, and love yourself.”
  42. race
    The Psychological Advantages of Strongly Identifying As BiracialIt might pay to embrace multiple identities at once.
  43. feature
    Can Racism Be Stopped in the Third Grade?An experiment at Fieldston, which starts when 8-year-olds are sorted by race, has some very liberal parents fuming.
  44. A Crazy New Rumor About the Pledge of AllegianceThey’re infiltrating our kids’ schools!
  45. tolerance
    Tracking 4 Decades of Increasing Tolerance in the U.S.A new study tries to figure out what has caused it.
  46. race
    Minorities May Be More Likely to Get Inaccurate Mental-Illness DiagnosesA study out of Israel reveals some unfortunate aspects of the clinician-patient relationship.
  47. controversies
    What’s Up With Kerry Washington’s InStyle Cover?Some fans think it looks like the magazine lightened her skin.
  48. millennials
    Millennials Are Less Racially Tolerant Than You ThinkAll this optimistic talk is a bit of an oversimplification.
  49. race
    These Adorable Cartoon Shapes Will Teach You About RacismEvery [shape’s] a little bit racist …
  50. race
    Why Did Darren Wilson Think Michael Brown Had Superpowers?A real-world example of superhumanization bias.
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