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  1. culture
    Give Never Have I Ever a ChanceMindy Kaling’s portrait of an Indian-American teen might be imperfect, but it’s still worth your time.
  2. coronavirus
    She Thought She Had Coronavirus. She Was Turned Away Twice.Rana Zoe Mungin went to the hospital multiple times with coronavirus symptoms. By the time she was finally admitted, it was too late.
  3. coronavirus
    Black Americans May Be Disproportionately Dying of CoronavirusThe data is limited, but it is so far damning.
  4. culture
    This Podcast About Race Is Even More Relevant NowRebecca Carroll’s Come Through brings a fresh perspective to the moment.
  5. the cut on tuesdays
    Brittany Packnett on Speaking the TruthOn this week’s The Cut on Tuesdays podcast episode.
  6. self reflection
    Should I Give My Daughter Dreadlocks?The idea of my little girl having the same style as me is tempting.
  7. criticism
    Unpacking the Gina Rodriguez ControversyThe actress broke down in tears on Tuesday when asked about criticism that recent comments she made were anti-black.
  8. cut cover story
    Sonoya Mizuno Doesn’t Just Want to DanceA conversation with the ballerina-turned–Crazy Rich Asians star about representation and following your gut.
  9. racism
    A Smith College Employee Called the Cops on a Black Student Eating Her LunchThe staff member thought she “seemed out of place.”
  10. race
    A Black Yale Student Had the Cops Called on Her for Taking a Nap in Her Dorm “I’m not going to justify my existence here,” said Lolade Siyonbola.
  11. power
    If You’re Not Angry About Chikesia Clemons, You’re Not Paying AttentionWhat happened to the 25-year old could have happened to me.
  12. how to raise a boy
    How Mothers Talk to Their Sons About RaceFour perspectives on stereotypes, diversity, police, fear, and expectations.
  13. how to raise a boy
    How Mothers Talk to Their Sons About RaceFive perspectives on stereotypes, diversity, police, fear, and expectations.
  14. appreciations
    Michelle Obama’s Portrait Is for All of Us Black GirlsIt’s a reminder to think big.
  15. appreciations
    The New Essence Is a Salon-Chair Dream Come TrueThe return of all-black ownership of the magazine is coming at exactly the right time.
  16. politics
    Arizona GOP Site Represented Asian-Americans With Picture of Margaret Cho SitcomThey lifted the shot from All-American Girl.
  17. celebrity activism
    Jennifer Lawrence Is Encouraging Her Fans to Out White SupremacistsThe actress wants her followers to help ID the marchers from Charlottesville’s “Unite the Right” rally.
  18. Black Girls Are Perceived As Less Innocent Than White Girls — Starting at Age 5The findings build on past studies that surveyed respondents’ perceptions of black boys.
  19. abc’s the bachelorette
    America Finally Has Its First Black BacheloretteRachel Lindsay, do you accept this fantasy of post-racial dating?
  20. genetics
    Yes, There Is a Genetic Component to IntelligenceIt’s important to recognize what the science says, and, no, that doesn’t lead us inexorably to Nazi race science.
  21. race
    What It Feels Like When Your Identity Is HeavyAn essay by a medical resident highlights just how much explaining and defending and representing members of minority groups are forced into.
  22. free speech
    Are People Who Defend Free Speech More Racist?A new study suggests that racist people are eager to embrace unprincipled free-speech defenses of racist speech.
  23. race
    The Lifespan Gap Between White and Black Americans Is ClosingNew research shows encouraging progress, but it might partly be explained by the white mortality crisis.
  24. Here’s a New Effort to Study the Psychological Effects of Youth ViolenceIt involves recruiting members of frequently victimized groups to conduct interviews about the psychological toll of violence.
  25. parenthood
    Babies As Young As 6 Months Old Show Racial BiasBut this isn’t necessarily bad news — researchers say knowing babies’ preferences could help expand them.
  26. 3 Insights About Inequality in American Health CareDespite being the richest and most powerful country in the world, America continues to do a terrible job taking care of its vulnerable citizens.
  27. social psychology
    3 Lessons Companies Can Learn From Google’s Diversity TravailsAs a new article shows, Google hasn’t made much progress on the diversity front. Other companies can learn from the search giant’s errors.
  28. This Weekend’s Pro-Immigrant Protests Showed How Complicated People AreIt’s easy to get us riled up and fearful, but it’s also easy to get us to exhibit spontaneous compassion for strangers.
  29. media
    The Shows You Watch Build Your Perception of the WorldFriends versus Little Mosque on the Prairie.
  30. Psychology’s Favorite Tool for Measuring Racism Isn’t Up to the JobAlmost two decades after its introduction, the implicit association test has failed to deliver on its lofty promises.
  31. xenophobia
    Many People Are Overestimating How Many Muslims There Are in Their CountryMix fear-mongering with a certain cognitive quirk, and this is the sort of thing that happens.
  32. The Biased Policies That Are Pushing Black Girls Out of SchoolAnd the instructional tool kit trying to change that.
  33. identity
    Language Matters If You’re Trying to Persuade a Trump VoterInsights from a sociologist and a cognitive scientist.
  34. mortality
    Black People Are Now Living Almost As Long As White People, But There’s a CatchThere’s been a heartening reduction in the racial lifespan gap, but it’s hiding some bad news for public health.
  35. race
    Want More Trump-like Politicians? Make White People Feel WhiterAs America gets closer and closer to being majority minority, white people will feel more threatened and politics will get uglier.
  36. Trump’s ‘Inner Cities’ Fetish Is Nostalgic, Messy RacismThe main things on fire in American “inner cities” are the home prices.
  37. What Happens When Black People Learn They Should Fear the PoliceA new study traces the effects of a vicious police beating on 911 calls, and suggests increasing distrust of the police can lead to bad consequences.
  38. stop-and-frisk
    What Are the Psychological Effects of Stop-and-Frisk?Donald Trump wants to bring it back, but it probably made it harder for police to do their jobs in the long run.
  39. racism
    The Case Against Hillary Clinton’s ‘Deplorables’ SpeechIt may feel good to label people as good or evil, but racism and power are much more complicated than that.
  40. code switch
    ‘Multiracial’ Is Code for ‘Not Too Black,’ and Don’t Let Kanye Fool YouDecoding Yeezy season four’s casting call.
  41. People Are Still Uniquely Scared of Hip-hopAnd they think the lyrics are more real.
  42. race
    The Weird Connection Between Smiling and RacismYes, your brain can make quick, sloppy, discriminatory judgments. But there are ways to nudge it back on track.
  43. motherhood
    I’m White. My 4-Year-Old Son’s Black. How Do We Talk About ‘Bad Guys’?Why did my preschooler ask if a black biker were “bad”?
  44. franzenology
    Why Does Jonathan Franzen Make It So Hard to Like Him?Franzen says he has “never been in love with a black woman.”
  45. Half of Dermatologists Say They Weren’t Trained to Spot Cancer on Black SkinRacial disparities in health care start in med schools.
  46. race
    The Tuskegee Experiment Kept Killing Black People Decades After It EndedA jarring new analysis shows how its effects lingered for decades afterward.
  47. Yes, Racial Anxiety Motivates Trump SupportLess so the “economic insecurity” thing, when you look at the data.
  48. race
    Rachel Dolezal’s One Regret Is That She Didn’t Identify As Black Sooner“I’m still me, and nothing about that has changed.”
  49. education
    A Simple Way to Get More Minority Kids Into ‘Gifted’ ProgramsThere’s a lot of bias lurking behind the question of which kids get which educational opportunities.
  50. race
    Is Racism ‘Saving’ Black People From Opioid Overdoses?There could be an unanticipated positive side effect to how bad some white doctors are at dealing with black pain.
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