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  1. the kavanaugh confirmation
    Women React to Kavanaugh’s Confirmation With RageWomen are productively raging and making their anger known.
  2. the kavanaugh confirmation
    Screams From Protesting Women Interrupted Kavanaugh’s VoteMike Pence called for order as women were carried out of the proceedings.
  3. rage
    If Trump Wins, It’s Time to Burn the Girl-Power PlaybookForget the feminist promise of meritocracy.
  4. Rage-Filled Brains Are Wired to ExplodeIt’s about how two regions of the brain connect — or don’t.
  5. movie time!
    Lily Cole, Dame Judi, and Jude Law in Drag Emote, Confuse With Rage TrailerA preview of the confounding new fashion-related film.