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  1. Bebe’s Bridal Collection Is Here!Rhinestone-studded wedding garb for all!
  2. make it work
    Project Runway Is Planning an All-star ChallengeThis is probably a bad idea.
  3. run through
    Rami Kashou and Christian Siriano’s Boyfriend Injured in Separate FightsRami is okay after a bar fight in West Hollywood. Brad Walsh is still recovering from injuries after a truck driver punched him.
  4. fashion yearbook
    Most Fabulous and Hideous ‘Project Runway’ LooksGear up for the season-five premiere with a look back at the show’s best and worst runway looks by Christian, Jay, Chloe, Uli (remember her?), and more!
  5. fashion album
    Did Rami Kashou Copy Yves Saint Laurent to Dress Heidi Klum?Heidi Klum wore this darling purple dress designed by Rami Kashou to an ‘Us Weekly’ party last week. It looks suspiciously similar to an Yves Saint Laurent design by Stefano Pilati.
  6. run through
    Paula Abdul Spent $3K on ‘Project Runway’ Hershey DressHow much would you spend on the dress Rami Kashou made for the Project Runway Hershey’s challenge? $100? $250? Try $2,975.
  7. run through
    A Moment With Rami Kashou: No Time for ChristianWhen we heard last week that Project Runway runner-up Rami Kashou’s clothes would be sold at Big Drop come May, we were impressed. So we rang him up for a “little chat,” as Runway dominatrix Heidi Klum might say.
  8. run through
    Rami From ‘Project Runway’ to Sell at IntermixProject Runway winner Christian Siriano might have America swooning over his whole “fierce” thing (and inexplicably so, in our book — our gay posse got over that word long ago), but Rami Kashou’s doing just fine since his line will be sold at Intermix this spring.
  9. new york fugging city
    Fugs on the ‘Project Runway’ Finale: Talented, Qualified Contestants Are … BoringAfter Christian Siriano was crowned the fiercest designer in the land on Project Runway’s fourth-season finale, we felt happy but slightly empty. Not because we didn’t think he deserved the win, but because we hadn’t gotten our dramatic fill. There was no fighting. No abject horror. Not even a whiff of impropriety. What kind of self-respecting reality show fields a finale full of talented, qualified contestants who neither sabotage each other nor do anything to make Heidi Klum want to vomit on her shoes?
  10. new york fugging city
    Setting the Odds on the ‘Project Runway’ WinnerThank God the Project Runway finale is upon us once more! It’s been nearly a year and a half since neck-tattoo enthusiast Jeffrey Sebelia was crowned last season’s winner and, at the very least, we’re jonesing for a new victim to insert into those terrible Saturn ads.
  11. show & tell
    Celebs and Alumni Pick Their Winner at ‘Project Runway’ FinaleEvery year we wonder: Is this when people stop caring about Project Runway? Judging from the clamor in and around the tents this morning (we could hear them shouting, “Rami! Rami!” from a block away), we believe the answer is no.