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Rape Kit Backlog

  1. good old-fashioned police work
    A Great Reason to Test Old Rape Kits: Preventing Future RapesYou know, besides getting justice for the victims.
  2. sexual assault
    Law Gives Sexual-Assault Survivors Basic RightsThe law will also focus on clearing up the U.S.’s rape-kit backlog.
  3. shortages
    Good Luck Even Getting a Rape Kit in Rural AreasA new report alleges that there aren’t enough trained medical professionals to do sexual-assault forensic exams.
  4. video
    Samantha Bee Wants to Know Why Officials Keep Kondo-ing Untested Rape Kits“Texas, you’re not auditioning for Hoarders: Rape Kit Edition.”
  5. love and war
    Money Alone Won’t Solve the Rape-Kit BacklogA new report suggests that more guidelines are needed to address inconsistent rape-kit-testing policies.
  6. Does This Mean All Those Old Rape Kits Will Finally Get Tested?Joe Biden pledges federal money to clear the national backlog.