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  1. survivors
    It Took Me Over 20 Years To Find My Rapist — Then I Watched Him Walk FreeThe rape kit collected from Leila after a brutal assault went untested for years. When her attacker was identified, it was too late to press charges.
  2. crime
    Police Used a Woman’s Rape Kit to Arrest Her for a CrimeSan Fransisco authorities have identified at least 11 other cases where survivors’ DNA evidence was used in unrelated investigations.
  3. sexual assault
    This Hospital Reportedly Billed Sexual-Assault Survivors for Rape KitsNew York attorney general Eric Schneiderman announced a settlement with the hospital on Tuesday.
  4. Rape Victims Often End Up Paying $1,000 for Going to the ERA new study looked at costs incurred by privately insured women.
  5. good things
    Obama Just Signed a Bill of Rights for Survivors of Sexual AssaultThe bill ensures survivors have access to their rape kits.
  6. good things
    The House Just Passed a Bill of Rights for Sexual-Assault SurvivorsThe legislation will make sure survivors have access to rape kits, and that their kits can’t be destroyed.
  7. sexual assault
    This Group Is Sending a Rape Kit to Every U.S. GovernorThere’s currently a backlog of 400,000 untested rape kits in the United States.
  8. good old-fashioned police work
    A Great Reason to Test Old Rape Kits: Preventing Future RapesYou know, besides getting justice for the victims.
  9. sexual assault
    Law Gives Sexual-Assault Survivors Basic RightsThe law will also focus on clearing up the U.S.’s rape-kit backlog.
  10. shortages
    Good Luck Even Getting a Rape Kit in Rural AreasA new report alleges that there aren’t enough trained medical professionals to do sexual-assault forensic exams.
  11. video
    Samantha Bee Wants to Know Why Officials Keep Kondo-ing Untested Rape Kits“Texas, you’re not auditioning for Hoarders: Rape Kit Edition.”
  12. sexual assault
    New $79M Fund Will Go Toward Testing Backlogged Rape KitsThe White House and the New York district attorney pledged a combined $79 million on Thursday.
  13. love and war
    Money Alone Won’t Solve the Rape-Kit BacklogA new report suggests that more guidelines are needed to address inconsistent rape-kit-testing policies.
  14. Does This Mean All Those Old Rape Kits Will Finally Get Tested?Joe Biden pledges federal money to clear the national backlog.
  15. svu
    Mariska Hargitay Helped Catch Real-Life RapistHer foundation legislates and raises funds for rape kit backlogs.