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  1. literature
    Listen, There Are Many Ways to Start a BookA-Rod appears to be hand-scrawling his on a stack of personal letterhead labeled “BOOK.”
  2. celebrity
    Olivia Wilde Loves a Cryptic Literary ReferenceWhat is this John Steinbeck quote doing in her Instagram Stories?
  3. lea michele
    Yes, Lea Michele Can ReadAnd saying that she can’t is sexist, she told the New York Times.
  4. reading
    Celebrity Admits She Doesn’t Really ReadFinally, an honest Architectural Digest home tour.
  5. culture
    Reading Is a Competition NowWelcome to my toxic relationship with Goodreads.
  6. reading
    Heidi Montag Is Tweeting About Books AgainShe wants to read them!
  7. acquiescence
    Turns Out It’s Pretty Good: Reading First Thing in the MorningAn unexpected solution to my book woes.
  8. gift guides
    The 11 Best Books to Give As GiftsTitles to satisfy everyone on your list, from fantasy obsessives to die-hard New Yorkers.
  9. science of us
    The Reason Comic Sans Is a Public GoodIt’s legible to more people.
  10. books
    A New Simone de Beauvoir Novel Is on the WayThe previously abandoned book, which follows an intimate friendship between two young women, will be published next fall.
  11. personal project
    The Way I Used to Read RecipesReturning to childhood cookbooks in isolation.
  12. recommendations
    The Best Long Books You Finally Have Time to ReadThe Cut staff recommends.
  13. recommendations
    11 Engaging Audiobooks to Keep You CompanyWhat we’re listening to now in our abundant at-home time.
  14. cut opinion pages
    Sadly, I Like Reading Books on My Phone NowIt helps me stay awake, which I cannot say for a paperback book.
  15. literature
    The Celebs Are Reading AgainKendall Jenner interprets Miranda July for us.
  16. science of us
    Should I Stop Counting How Many Books I Read?A neurotic reader’s look at the pros and cons of specific, written goals.
  17. science of us
    Reading Fiction Makes You a Little NicerSave the publishing industry and save yourself.
  18. books
    Rachel Cusk’s Rules for LivingIn her new novels, everything counts.
  19. culture
    The Joy of Reading Miss Manners in 2017It’s an escapist fantasy — but also a quiet study in ethics.
  20. How to Read More Books When It Feels Like You Never Have TimeAll it takes is a few simple tweaks to your routine.
  21. stranger than fiction
    20 Percent of Readers Still ‘Hear’ the Characters When the Book Is OverWhen fictional characters barge into your everyday life.
  22. kids these days
    This 4-Year-Old Has Read More Books Than YouDailyah Marie Arana has read more than 1,000 books.
  23. quantitative humanities
    When the American Mood Darkens, So Does the Nation’s VocabularyEspecially in times of war or economic collapse.
  24. This Viral Trump Syllabus Will Help You Understand How the Mess Was MadeA deep dive into the Trump years behind us — and ahead.
  25. reading
    Amazon’s New Strategy for Getting Kids to Read Is So DepressingShouldn’t kids be reading books?
  26. Everyone Wants to Believe That Reading Good Books Will Make You a Good PersonThe studies on this just keep piling up.
  27. Another Reason to Be Smug About Your Superior Taste in BooksReading literature may help you “read” people, too.
  28. take that karl ove
    This Book Is the Female Answer to KnausgaardAnd GUESS WHAT: It’s under 200 pages.
  29. You Can Bribe Your Kid to Love BooksIf you do it right.
  30. ‘Book Deserts’ Leave Low-Income Kids With Nothing to ReadThe neighborhoods are like food deserts, but for education.
  31. fathers day
    Make Your Dad Read Elena Ferrante!A project in honor of Father’s Day.
  32. longreads
    10 Books We’re Reading Right NowRead with us.
  33. The Lasting Benefits of Growing Up Around BooksA new study links access to non-schoolbooks in childhood with a higher income later in life.
  34. Tom Brady Loves to ReadHis favorite author is Dr. Seuss.
  35. The Sad Truth About Speed-Reading: It Doesn’t WorkThere is, alas, no real shortcut.
  36. What It Feels Like to Be a Dyslexic ReaderMany with the learning disorder say a developer’s interpretation is pretty close to the real thing.
  37. love and war
    The Best Books I Ever Stole From My MotherIn honor of the 50th birthday of Valley of the Dolls.
  38. longreads
    9 Books We’re Reading Right Now Under-the-radar YA novels, forgotten Great American Novels, and, yes, Elena Ferrante.
  39. reading
    Is Dietland 2015’s Most Surprising Book About Women?Dietland is what you get when you blend commercial women’s fiction, second-wave feminism, and Fight Club.
  40. longreads
    9 Books We’re Reading Right Now New York in the 1970s, the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and a powerful addiction memoir. 
  41. self portrait
    Return Ticket: The Memories on My BookshelfRereading is like rewriting ourselves, reinventing the past.
  42. old-fashioned young people
    The Teens Like Those Old-timey Printed BooksNew data on the reading habits of the youth. 
  43. parenting
    If Your Kids Won’t Read, Maybe You Should Find Them Better BooksThree quarters of kids say they want to find more books they like.
  44. selfies
    What Kind of Girl Reads Not That Kind of Girl?White girls with glasses, it seems.
  45. reading
    Look Away From This Graph, Book LoversGuess whether or not young people are spending lots of money on traditional books?
  46. Can Where the Wild Things Are Teach Kids Empathy?The larger life lessons of picture books.
  47. many talents
    What Would You Like Meryl Streep to Read for You?She’s taking requests.
  48. ghosts
    Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens Reads Frankenstein AloudIt could have been a very Downton Halloween.
  49. three’s a trend
    Trendspotting: Summer ReadingWhether it’s an editorial campaign or just a backstage snapshot, a book makes a lovely accessory.