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  1. mysteries
    The Haunting of a Dream HouseA New Jersey family bought their ideal home. But according to the creepy letters they started to get, they weren’t the only ones interested in it.
  2. ask polly
    ‘My Broke Boyfriend Wants Us to Live Together!’No no no no.
  3. living with money
    ‘I Bought a Brooklyn Apartment on a Librarian’s Salary’A lesson in saving.
  4. beyonce inc.
    Did Beyoncé Buy a Church in New Orleans?If you’re Beyoncé, why not?
  5. real estate
    This Is How a Brick-and-Mortar Store Can Thrive in the Age of AmazonOnline shopping isn’t going anywhere, so stores that would rather not shut down are adapting, resulting in a somewhat surprising retail renaissance.
  6. real estate
    What Mysterious Rich Person Bought Harvey Weinstein’s West Village Town House?The mystery buyer used a company name.
  7. real-estate
    You Can Now Buy the Villa From Call Me by Your NameElio’s “artfully dilapidated” 14-room Italian villa is on the market.
  8. real estate
    ‘Urine-Soaked’ NJ Condo May Also Have Rats NowBut it sounded so nice!
  9. look book
    The Real-Estate Agent Who Used to Model“I was a model for ten years and was photographed with Givenchy for WWD.”
  10. best of 2017
    The 7 Craziest Celebrity Real Estate Stories of 2017Some light reading for your Friday.
  11. royal wedding 2.0
    Now You Can Live in Meghan Markle’s Toronto Home“It’s a nice thought to think, wow, Prince Harry used this toilet.”
  12. look book
    The Student Who Wants to Be New York’s Top Real-Estate Agent“I knew I wanted to go into real estate after watching Million Dollar Listing. I think it just seems so glamorous.”
  13. real estate
    8,000 People Chipped in to Buy an Old French Castle TogetherThere’s a catch.
  14. hobbies
    The Time-Wasting Magic of Online Real Estate Listings“Redfin is Tinder for married people,” as one friend put it.
  15. real estate
    New Jersey Luxury Condo Reportedly Plagued By Urine“There were urine bottles falling out of the ceiling.”
  16. nyc baby
    For Just $14,200 a Month, You Can Live Like a Guy Charged With ConspiracyNew York rent ain’t cheap.
  17. l'amour
    Million-Dollar NYC Condos Feature Breathtaking Views of Public SexCondos overlooking Marcus Garvey Park reportedly have birds-eye views of a popular hookup spot.
  18. Nobody Wants to Live in Ivanka Trump’s Old ApartmentLowering the asking price by 30 percent hasn’t helped.
  19. my two cents
    I’m 32 and Single. Is Buying an Apartment a Terrible Idea?Real estate is a financial and emotional investment.
  20. quotables
    The 5 Most Annoying Quotes From This Montauk Real-Estate BroDylan Eckardt is at it again.
  21. townhomes
    Looks Like Jay-Z and Beyoncé Accidentally Bought a TownTheir new $90 million mansion has everything.
  22. niche drama
    Justin Theroux Reportedly ‘Terrorized’ His Greenwich Village NeighborWith angry outbursts and barking dogs.
  23. rich person crime
    Gigi Hadid’s Dad Was Just Sentenced to Probation for the Most Rich-Person CrimeHe illegally built a megamansion, of course.
  24. real estate
    Johnny Depp Wants a Private Compound With an Underground Tunnel SystemEl Deppo.
  25. Taylor Swift’s Home Might Become a Historical LandmarkShe’s spent millions on restoring her Beverly Hills place to its 1934 glory.
  26. niche drama
    Academia’s Most Famous Feminist Knows How to Send a Scathing EmailDo not mess with Judith Butler.
  27. sex diaries
    The Divorced Real-Estate Broker Whose Therapist Encourages PromiscuityThis week’s sex diary.
  28. sponsored content
    Airbnb Is Letting Kim and Kanye Live in a $25 Million NYC Penthouse for FreeIn case you wanted to feel even worse about your own apartment …
  29. getting it
    Why I’m Buying a House Without a Family to Put in ItComing face to face with fears about money, regret, and loneliness.
  30. first person
    Why I Live in an All-Women Boardinghouse in New York CityJust like Joan Didion, Sylvia Plath, and Grace Kelly before me.
  31. dividing the assets
    The Hell of Selling a House With an Ex-Spouse “It all comes down to one word: power.”
  32. breezy spaces
    Jennifer Lawrence Bought a Very Nancy Meyers HouseAmple kitchen. 
  33. consumer psychology
    3 Ways Real Estate Messes With Your HeadBidding wars and other examples of real-estate quirkiness, explained.
  34. for sale
    The House Where the Kardashians Pretended to Live Is for SalePay $6.25 million for endless hilarity.
  35. trendy
    Zosia Mamet Bought a Pink Building in BushwickThey all live in Bushwick.
  36. Solange Is Buying ‘a Cute Yellow House’To go with her cute yellow clothes!
  37. improbably good tenants
    Lindsay Lohan Fled Rented House After It Was Hit by Bling RingBut she paid out her lease anyway!
  38. quotables
    Taylor Swift: I Do Not Buy Houses to FlirtBut what about Conor?
  39. recession store-ies
    A Fifth Avenue Topshop May Be on the HorizonWe don’t think we’re ready.
  40. recession store-ies
    Is Marc Jacobs Wiping Out Stores in the Village?Not everyone likes his little Bleecker Street empire.
  41. things are looking up!
    Retailers Aim to Cash In on Cheap Recession Real EstateAre you ready for another Topshop?
  42. put a ring on it
    Marc and Lorenzo Got Engaged and Bought an ApartmentNothing warms the heart like two people in love with a new $13 million piece of West Village real estate.
  43. bright sides
    The Economy Is Saving the Garment DistrictLower rents are a boon to local apparel-makers.
  44. real estate envy
    Getting to Know Isabel Toledo Through Her Fabulous ApartmentWe took a look at Isabel’s apartment in 2006. Do recall how fabulous it is.
  45. behind the scenes
    Karl Lagerfeld Buys Home in VermontWe shit you not.
  46. loose threads
    DVF Accuses Mango of Copyright Infringement; Gisele’s Pad for SaleAlso, Gisele strips down for new watch ads, and Sarah Brown says she couldn’t compete with Carla Bruni during her London visit.
  47. loose threads
    Mamie Gummer Lands a Campaign; Gianfranco Ferré Dives Into Real EstateGummer replaces Charlotte Gainsbourg for Gérard Darel, get a peek at Richard Chai’s Target collection, and Fendi showed wedges for men for spring.
  48. run through
    Sir Philip Green Scouts More Manhattan Topshop LocationsSir Philip Green said he’d open three more Topshop locations if he found the right spaces. Now we really can’t wait for the Soho store to open.
  49. cult of personality
    Christian Siriano Moves to Fabulous Condo in Fabulous WilliamsburgYes, the ‘Project Runway’ designer that could has rented a 1,400-square-foot newly renovated loft in a building that’s only about 70 percent dilapidated.
  50. run through
    Marc Jacobs: Powerful Person in New York Real Estate?The New York ‘Observer’ gave Marc Jacobs the number 63 spot on its list of the 100 most powerful people in New York real estate. Interesting.
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