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  1. encounter
    How Flavor of Love’s Tiffany Pollard Invented the InternetNew York will always be in the motherf*cking house.
  2. nothing can terrace apart
    This Episode of Terrace House Ends on a Cliff-hangerWe finish on an apparently fraught trip to the grocery store.
  3. advice
    What 10 Reddit Men Learned Watching the New Queer Eye“I would recommend it to anyone looking to see positive masculinity.”
  4. too real tv
    Nothing Can Terrace Apart: A Terrace House RecapLet’s discuss your favorite Japanese reality show.
  5. house rules
    The Bachelor: Winter Games Won’t Let Contestants Get Too DrunkNo more than two drinks per hour.
  6. profile
    Lisa Vanderpump Is the Royalty America CravesHow one Real Housewife rules the franchise.
  7. life of kylie
    Life of Kylie Leaves Us Knowing Less About Its StarI’ll take you through the dates each Life of Kylie episode was filmed, and tell you what would make better television.
  8. siesta key
    Here’s the Problem With the New Laguna BeachIts name is Alex.
  9. Thank God the World’s Most Boring Reality-TV Show Is BackIn praise of Eric & Jessie: Game On.
  10. bachelor in paradise
    DeMario Jackson’s Lawyer: Footage Will Show BiP Incident Was Consensual  Because “there’s video” is less awful?
  11. abc’s the bachelorette
    America Finally Has Its First Black BacheloretteRachel Lindsay, do you accept this fantasy of post-racial dating?
  12. is this real life
    Trump Is Basically Holding a Rose Ceremony for His Supreme Court PicksIs this the American government or an episode of The Bachelor?
  13. There’s Now a Dating Show in Which People Judge Each Other’s Naked BodiesSuddenly, Tinder is looking pretty great.
  14. q & a
    Paulina Porizkova: ‘I Feel Sorry for the Girls Who Are Modeling Now’The outspoken icon on aging and Photoshop.
  15. all the real girls
    Here Is Your First Girls Reality Show Girl: Hailey GlassmanReality television imitating scripted television imitating reality.
  16. reality republicans
    Ann Romney Will Not Dance With the StarsSorry, America.
  17. the twilight zoe
    Has Reality TV Made Rachel Zoe More High-Fashion?She just landed a gig for ‘Love’ magazine, which is rare for such a commercial force.
  18. make it work
    Project Runway Returns to New York for Season SevenThe original fashion game show comes home.
  19. model tracker
    Naomi Campbell in Talks to Do X Factor–Style Modeling ShowIt’s about time!
  20. cult of personality
    Kelly Cutrone Drumming Up Excitement for Her Bravo Show by Cursing on Fox NewsThe taped action on Bravo begins February 1.
  21. party chat
    Lady Gaga at the ACE AwardsAnd more from last night’s ACE awards for accessories.
  22. party chat
    Christian Siriano’s Reality Show Will Be Like the Valentino MovieAlso, his fall line will be “gothic.”
  23. party lines
    Marc Jacobs Won’t Completely Rule Out Doing a Reality ShowIf he does do one, he just wants it to be “really different” than all the others.
  24. tyra mail
    Video: Tyra Banks Puts Aspiring Top Models in BlackfaceOne girl had to endure this with a terrible sunburn.
  25. party lines
    Bravo ‘Desperate’ for Marc Jacobs to Do a Reality ShowWell, aren’t we all?
  26. cult of personality
    Teen Vogue Working on a Secret New TV ShowBut Amy Astley doesn’t want to be on it.
  27. make it work
    Project Runway Designers Tackle the Concept of Jet-SettingOur plucky contestants design looks for Aspen, Palm Beach, St. Tropez, and basically anywhere else Michael Kors likes to go.
  28. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: ANTM’s D-List Judges Undermine the Short-Model ConceptFrom Kim Kardashian to Lauren Conrad, Tyra seems to be subliminally telling her under-five-foot-seven contestants that fleeting fame is the best they can hope for.
  29. head for the hills
    The Hills Is Not to Be Confused With A&E’s InterventionWhy MTV thinks this is an appropriate venue for Heidi and Spencer — of all people — to deal with Holly’s drinking problem, we’ll never know.
  30. make it work
    Project Runway Designers Get to Use Sequins and Feathers!They have to make a costume for Christina Aguilera, and Tim Gunn says the phrase, “Super sexy slut!”
  31. executive shuffle
    Two Senior Execs Leave Vera Wang As She Shops Reality-TV ShowCoincidence?
  32. head for the hills
    These Hills Are Full of Tattoos, Sex Toys, and Water BalloonsHow can such a mediocre show sound so unreasonably dirty?
  33. on the marc
    Marc Jacobs on Reality TV, Rachel Zoe, and Fashion As a Spectator SportHe called Zoe a “crazy stylist.”
  34. home scary network
    Badgley Mischka to Do HSN Line; HSN to Do Reality TVThe show will be on TLC, naturally.
  35. make it work
    Project Runway Designers Tackle Wedding GownsBecause nothing says you’re ready to date again like wearing your old wedding dress!
  36. head for the hills
    A Small Child Terrorizes The HillsPlus Kristin drops some more bitchy one-liners, and Audrina has her heart broken for the zillionth time.
  37. inner city life
    The City Girls Try Not to Screw Up Their CareersEnjoy our recap of last night’s episode.
  38. the twilight zoe
    Rachel and Brad Pretend to Miss Taylor at Paris Fashion WeekOur recap of last night’s episode of ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ lies within.
  39. loose threads
    Marc Jacobs Won’t Do Reality TV; Prince Hits Paris Fashion WeekAlso, Gilt Groupe still feels bad about Scarfgate.
  40. make it work
    Project Runway Designers Struggle to Make Wearable ClothesAnd they may be stalking us. Seriously.
  41. Christian Siriano to Bring Trannies to BravoHe says the last thing he needs is too many gays.
  42. lies
    The Truth About New City Star RoxyFor starters, Rachel Zoe says she didn’t work for her.
  43. head for the hills
    The Hills Is Back, the Bitch Is Back, Jayde’s Bikini Is BackOn last night’s premiere, Kristin Cavallari went straight for the kill, setting her sights on the show’s heart and soul: Justin Bobby.
  44. rumor mill
    Marc Jacobs Rumored to Appear in the Gay Version of Real HousewivesLogo reportedly has a new show in the works called ‘Kept.’
  45. failures
    Why The Beautiful Life Was DoomedA scripted show about modeling has no chance these days.
  46. inner city life
    Whitney Port Convinces MTV to Let Her Show Her Reality on Season Two of The CityWhitney answers a few of our most burning questions about the second season of her reality show.
  47. the twilight zoe
    Nausea Brings Team Zoe Together AgainOur recap of last night’s episode of ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ lies within.
  48. cult of personality
    Kelly Cutrone: ‘I’m, Like, the Patron Saint of Interns’Find out how to land one of those coveted positions.
  49. make it work
    Lies Taint Project Runway’s Newspaper-Outfit CompetitionOur recap of last night’s episode lies within.
  50. make it work
    Project Runway’s Ratings DwindleMore people watched ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ on Bravo last week.
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