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  1. bachelor nation
    Peter the Pilot Is Your Next BachelorHe’s the windmill-sex guy.
  2. culture
    Imagine Thinking Donald Trump Jr. Is Your Soul MateAubrey O’Day really misses her old flame.
  3. praying for you
    The Bachelorette’s Hannah and Luke P. Are Fighting About Sin on TwitterWant some “biblical truth,” anyone?
  4. tv
    Lindsay Lohan’s Reality Show Is Ending Due to Lack of DramaApparently, she wasn’t having enough breakdowns.
  5. bachelor nation
    Colton Underwood Is Officially the Most-Dumped Man in Bachelor HistoryPoor guy.
  6. bachelor nation
    Khloé Kardashian Threatens Bachelorette Showrunner With Legal ActionShe was a rumored top pick, and the showrunner kept teasing her involvement.
  7. nailed it
    What’s With All the White Nail Polish on The Bachelor?I need answers, ABC.
  8. love
    Those Same-Sex Bachelor: Vietnam Contestants Ended Up Together After AllWhat a hell of a love story. And twist.
  9. reality tv
    Jax From Vanderpump Rules Negs Kourtney Kardashian’s Ex at the GymThe most ambitious crossover event in history.
  10. reality tv
    ‘The Bachelorette’ Picked a Surprising WinnerHer choice is controversial.
  11. prestige tv
    Love Island, an Extremely Demented British Reality Show, Is the Best Thing on TVThe deranged dating competition has attained a cult following, and for good reason.
  12. lohan beach club
    We Finally Have More Details About Lindsay Lohan’s Reality ShowIt’s time to “get ready.”
  13. reality tv
    Meghan Markle’s Half-Sister Joins Celebrity Big BrotherThe new season will be all about “media storms.”
  14. reality tv
    Lindsay Lohan’s New Reality Series Is a Grecian Vanderpump RulesAnd it’s coming to MTV.
  15. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: Kelly Bensimon Running in Front of a CabShe’s just barreling down the city streets like she’s some sort of very tan Prius.
  16. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: Ally Hilfiger’s Burrito Breakdown on Rich GirlsShe’s not sure what kind of beans to get, or what kind of cheese goes on nachos. She ends up staring at a row of salsas for a million years.
  17. nothing can terrace apart
    This Episode of Terrace House Is Brimming With ExesIn this episode of your favorite Japanese reality show, two (2) former loves make an appearance.
  18. nothing can terrace apart
    The Final Scene of This Episode of Terrace House Is a Great Piece of TelevisionA recap of your favorite Japanese reality show.
  19. nothing can terrace apart
    This Episode of Terrace House Ends on a Cliff-hangerWe finish on an apparently fraught trip to the grocery store.
  20. farewell season six
    The 43 Best Moments From Season 6 of Vanderpump RulesBefore tonight’s Vanderpump Rules season finale, come remember all of this season’s best moments.
  21. nothing can terrace apart
    Everyone’s Looking for Something in This Episode of Terrace HouseA recap of your favorite Japanese reality TV show.
  22. nothing can terrace apart
    You Need an Emotional Support System to Watch This Episode of Terrace HouseShirtless modeling! Attempting to pass tears off as laughter! Interviewing for jobs in sunglasses!
  23. nothing can terrace apart
    This Episode of Terrace House Had More Tears (and Butts) Than UsualA recap of your favorite Japanese reality show.
  24. too real tv
    Nothing Can Terrace Apart: A Terrace House RecapLet’s discuss your favorite Japanese reality show.
  25. ellen on ice
    Ellen Will Reportedly Produce Reality TV With Olympic Skating DarlingAmerica’s sweethearts coming together.
  26. tv
    The Bachelor Finale Was Enough to Make You Nostalgic for Paradise HotelBring back the boozy-sexy-time indulgences of the early aughts!
  27. vulture lists
    The 6 Biggest Revelations From The Bachelor’s ‘After the Final Rose’ CeremonyArie doesn’t regret filming his breakup with Becca.
  28. drama
    All the Drama From The Bachelor Finale Last Night, ExplainedFor once, the series actually delivered on its promise of “the most dramatic ending in Bachelor history.”
  29. disasters
    The Real Housewives of New York Reportedly Took a Traumatizing Boat RideThe boat caught fire, there weren’t enough life jackets, and everyone was screaming and vomiting.
  30. drama
    Omarosa Now Says She Would Not Vote for Trump Again“Not in a million years, never.”
  31. for whom the vander pumps
    Wow, These People Are Extremely Mad About PastaExamining a short, mesmerizing clip from Vanderpump Rules.
  32. trouble in paradise
    Bachelor in Paradise Will Include Interviews With Corinne and DeMarioThe interviews with the contestants, who left the show during filming, will air in the second and third weeks of the season.
  33. A Career Reality-TV Hunk on His Next Stop: Million Dollar Matchmaker“I’m not just going to lie to you and say, ‘I’m doing it just to find a girlfriend.’”
  34. Leaked Bachelor in Paradise Contract Reveals Producers’ Power Over ContestantsSuddenly, the weirder elements of UnREAL don’t seem so far-fetched.
  35. Bachelor in Paradise Investigation Finds No Misconduct, Will Resume Filming“The tape does not support any charge of misconduct by a cast member.”
  36. bachelor in paradise
    Former Bachelor Ben Higgins Weighs In on Bachelor in Paradise Controversy“There are situations that happen that they need to get something out of, but it’s never a forced situation.”
  37. bachelor in paradise
    How Sex Is Orchestrated on Reality Shows Like Bachelor in ParadiseA Reality-TV producer explains.
  38. wellness theories
    Corinne Olympios on Napping, Cheese Pasta, and Staying Healthy on The Bachelor“You see some of the girls gain a little bit of weight towards the end of the season.”
  39. Cardi B Explains How She Always Looks So ‘Schmoney’▶️ “A lot of people try to put a whole entire Gucci outfit on — it doesn’t go well, sis.”
  40. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kim Richards Reveals She Dated Donald Trump“Yes, let’s not get into it.”
  41. Now You Can Smize at Any Age on America’s Next Top ModelBooty tooching for all!
  42. russia
    Russia Has a Real-life Hunger Games Reality Show, or Fake News Fooled Us AgainThe series supposedly strands 30 male and female contestants in Siberia.
  43. reality tv
    The New Reality Show About Cosmo Magazine Looks Absolutely BonkersThis show has everything.
  44. music video
    One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Debuts Solo Song Days After His Mother’s DeathIt’s called “Just Hold On.”
  45. mariah's world
    Shockingly, Mariah Carey’s Reality Show Is Already Full of DramaAnd we thought Teresa Giudice’s table flip was wild.
  46. it's mariah's world
    Mariah Carey and James Packer Appear Together in Mariah’s World OuttakesPage Six obtained footage from the upcoming E! reality show.
  47. trump town girls
    How Donald Trump Ruined His Own Reality ShowThe sexist Trump Town Girls had one major problem: Trump.
  48. Anna Kendrick Mourns The Great British Bake Off, Fears Paul HollywoodAnna Kendrick salutes Mel, Sue, and Mary for remaining loyal to the BBC.
  49. Jordan Rodgers’s Ex Has Receipts of His DoucheryLike, an actual receipt for flowers he allegedly bought for an actress in Pitch Perfect 2.
  50. conspiracies
    Chad Says Bachelor in Paradise Framed HimHe claims he did not actually poop in his pants.
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