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  1. Jordan Rodgers’s Ex Has Receipts of His DoucheryLike, an actual receipt for flowers he allegedly bought for an actress in Pitch Perfect 2.
  2. conspiracies
    Chad Says Bachelor in Paradise Framed HimHe claims he did not actually poop in his pants.
  3. swellness
    The Real Housewives Guide to WellnessFriends and husbands come and go, but strong opinions on wellness live forever.
  4. dating shows
    This Is Officially the Worst Reality Show to Ever AirDo not watch Love at First Kiss.
  5. tv
    The Bachelor Franchise Betrayed ChadThey gleefully milked his meltdown.
  6. reality tv
    The Bachelor Probably Isn’t Getting More Diverse Any Time SoonSurprise, surprise.
  7. bachelor in paradise
    Chad Got Kicked Off Bachelor in Paradise That was fast.
  8. swellness
    Snooki on Jersey Shore Wellness and Sexy Muscles“There was no sense of wellness, really, when I was filming Jersey Shore. “
  9. reality tv
    Kim Kardashian Is Making a Competition Show for Beauty BloggersThe contestants will compete to be the beauty director for her app.
  10. beef
    Please Don’t Ask Tara Reid About Marriage Boot Camp“Love you, Tara. Good luck with Sharknado 18.”
  11. the biggest loser
    The Biggest Loser Is Even Worse Than We Thought [Updated]Former contestants dropped bombshells about drug use and so much more.
  12. voyeurism
    The Biggest Loser Is Organized Fat-Shaming, So How Is It Still on TV?The show perpetuates the notion that people are obese because they’re lazy.
  13. reality tv
    Cynthia Nixon Reveals Sex and the City Was Essentially a DocumentaryI couldn’t help but wonder, am I watching a documentary right now?
  14. feats of strength
    A Salute to the Women of American Ninja WarriorAnd the show that’s become an unlikely athletic equalizer.
  15. what i did for love
    Dating Naked: Let’s Overthrow the Patriarchy!We can’t let Chris’s penis run things any longer.
  16. cults
    What’s Your Spin Instructor Like Outside of Class?Thanks to E!, we’re about to find out.
  17. neurology
    How Watching Reality TV Might Help Bring Out the Best in UsUnderstanding the neurological roots of “vicarious embarrassment.”
  18. tv
    The Bruce Jenner Interview Was a TriumphWho would have guessed?
  19. fame
    Is Bruce Jenner Up to the Task of Playing Himself?With an upcoming E! docu-series, it’s his very first time.
  20. surprises
    Historically Terrible Bachelor Juan Pablo Is Single Once AgainYou don’t say.
  21. what i did for love
    Going to the Chapel, Getting Married NakedBe careful where you throw that rice!
  22. what i did for love
    Dating Naked: There’s No Crying in Naked DatingIt’s time to worry about the emotional well-being of the contestants.
  23. what i did for love
    Dating Naked Leads to Getting Married Naked!Wait, does this mean the experiment is working? God help us.
  24. what i did for love
    Dating Naked: ‘Are Your Balls Okay?’ Not if they’ve met Candace.
  25. what i did for love
    Dating Naked: Learn to Love Like a Teenage Boy Loves Boobs…. and someone suffers from priapism.
  26. end of an era
    RIP, Juicy Tracksuits, Famewhore Uniform of the 2000sCelebutantes and “It” girls immortalized this nadir in American leisurewear. But it’s a new era.
  27. game of thrones and of hearts
    A Royal Denier Is Expelled: I Wanna Marry Harry, Episode 4 RecapThen there were nine. 
  28. life according to abc's the bachelorette
    Lessons From ABC’s The Bachelorette: Episode 1 Andi meets her potential husbands.
  29. reality tv
    Lindsay Lohan Says She Had a Miscarriage While Filming Her Docu-Series On the finale of her OWN show. 
  30. 50 shades of hai
    Watch: NeNe Leakes Gives Naomi Campbell Lessons in Shade-Throwing50 shades, y’all.
  31. juan pablo is the worst
    12 Ways Juan Pablo Dodged Saying ‘I Love You’ A.k.a. 12 different ways to say “I’m a commitment-phobe.”
  32. guilty pleasures
    Jennifer Weiner Uncovers Everything You Wanted to Know About The BachelorLike, why do they all look alike?
  33. loub it up
    The Odious Blog of a #RichKid of Beverly HillsThe red soul of Boobs & Loubs. 
  34. the dedicated
    For Women, Facial Shaving Can Make Skin GlowA process called “dermaplaning” is all the rage with the reality-TV stars. We tried it.
  35. bikini wars
    Agent Provocateur Sues Over Sexy Bondage BikiniOne that looks too much like theirs.
  36. breakups
    Stacy Keibler Finally Acknowledges Clooney SplitAnd her new reality show and clothing line.
  37. quotables
    Ryan Lochte Says He’s the Next Kim KardashianOnce again, with confidence.
  38. mudslinging
    Kardashian Divorce Trial Gets InterestingKris Humphries interrogates Keeping Up.
  39. the vatican has spoken
    The Papal Conclave Explained in Reality TV MetaphorsVatican’s Real Housewives meet Survivor.
  40. real live girls
    Reality TV Producers to Make Girls, Only RealerThe Real Girls of Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.
  41. true love
    Nick Gruber Totaled His Boyfriend’s CarWhile on a date with a lady.
  42. people who are fierce
    New The Face Promo Provides More Gloriously Angry NaomiBecause every reality competition needs a catchphrase.
  43. slash jobs
    Nicki Minaj’s Fashion Line ‘Too Personal’ to Appear on Her Reality TV Miniseries“I’ll see how overwhelming it is,” she says.
  44. wanna be on top
    Top Model’s Isis King on the 2012 Out100 ListShe’s a “multihyphenate talent,” says the magazine.
  45. face off
    Naomi Campbell Still Mad in Promos for The FaceNew modeling show. Same attitude. 
  46. wanna be on top
    Arrest Warrant Out for Top Model Judge Rob EvansAnd not just because he’s criminally attractive.
  47. make it work
    Wendy Pepper Will ‘Mow Down’ Her Project Runway All Stars CompetitionGET EXCITED.
  48. first person
    How Reality TV Is Like Dating in Your TwentiesGordon Ramsay “negged” me, and I think I liked it.
  49. disaster strikes
    Fashion Star Resumes ProductionThe workers’ strike is over.
  50. cray cray-mazing reality tv shows
    Top Model’s Nearly Inevitable Canine Spinoff to Air in EnglandDoggie models! On TV!
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