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  1. recaps
    THIS Is How It All Ends?A recap of The Bachelor’s messy finale.
  2. recaps
    Peter’s Parents Love That He Sleeps Around, Okay?A recap of the Bachelor finale, part one.
  3. recaps
    The Bachelor Women Air Their GrievancesA recap of The Bachelor, episode 10: The Women Tell All.
  4. tv
    The Wildest Moments From the Love Is Blind FinaleIt’s like one endless, devastating prom night.
  5. recaps
    How to Deal With Your TV Boyfriend Bedding Other WomenA recap of The Bachelor, episode nine.
  6. recaps
    Would You Welcome This Man Into Your Home?A recap of The Bachelor, episode eight. Hometowns!
  7. the bachelor
    Peter Hates FunA recap of The Bachelor, episode seven.
  8. recaps
    Peter Is Horny for Women’s TearsA recap of this week’s second Bachelor episode.
  9. recaps
    ‘Who Said I Was Emotionally Unstable?’A recap of The Bachelor, week five.
  10. recaps
    Cleveland: City of Art, Romance, and DRAMAA recap of The Bachelor, week four.
  11. recaps
    That Was the Worst Pool Party EverA recap of The Bachelor, week three.
  12. recaps
    Champagne Facials on a Bachelor BudgetA recap of The Bachelor, week two.
  13. recaps
    Remember When Hannah and Peter Had Sex in a Windmill?A recap of The Bachelor season 24 premiere.
  14. vanderpump rules
    Vanderpump Rules Reunion, Part 3: Good-bye, Old FriendsHere are the top-five most dramatic moments.
  15. vanderpump rules
    Vanderpump Rules Reunion, Part 2: Everyone Hates JamesHere are the top-five most dramatic moments.
  16. vanderpump rules
    Vanderpump Rules Reunion, Part I: Mostly ScreamingHere are the top-five most-dramatic moments.
  17. vanderpump rules
    Jax Has Some Pre-Wedding Drama With Brittany’s FamilyPlus, it’s time for Brittany to choose bridesmaids.
  18. vanderpump rules
    Stassi Got Exorcised by a Witch on Vanderpump RulesPlus, a small investigation into whether Tom Schwartz’s suitcase really contained $50,000 in cash.
  19. vanderpump rules
    Uh-Oh — Lisa Vanderpump Cashed the Toms’ ChecksAnd no one wants to come to James and Raquel’s puppy party.
  20. vanderpump rules
    Everybody Lets Loose on Vanderpump Rules — Finally!Will Stassi and Beau’s relationship stand the test of the drunken group-trip?
  21. vanderpump rules
    Tom Tom Finally Opens, Thank God, on ‘Vanderpump Rules’And Schwartz finds some trouble in Mexico.
  22. vanderpump rules
    This Week, Vanderpump Rules Was 100 Percent ScreamingFinally, the reveal of “BAMBI-EYED B*TCH!”
  23. vanderpump rules
    On Vanderpump Rules, Everyone Gets Emotionally Triggered“Reptilian brain” is the new “sweat equity.”
  24. vanderpump rules
    Lisa Hired a Mixology Expert on Vanderpump Rules, Oh No!Plus, Lala and Randall are on a break.
  25. vanderpump rules
    Can the Vanderpump Guys Be Near Women Without Cheating?The boys test their relationships on this week’s Vanderpump Rules.
  26. recaps
    A Major ‘90s Supermodel Returned to the Runway for Marc JacobsIn a black feathered dress.
  27. vanderpump rules
    It’s Girls Trip Time on Vanderpump RulesJax, Brittany, and James are in therapy, and “Crazy Kristen” emerges on a trip to Solvang.
  28. vanderpump rules
    Tom Tom Throws a Party and Lisa Gets Drunk on Vanderpump RulesAnd Kristen’s not invited!
  29. vanderpump rules
    It’s ‘Girls Night In’ on Vanderpump Rules, UnfortunatelyPlus: the return of Tom Sandoval’s trumpet.
  30. vanderpump rules
    This Was the Most Excruciating Vanderpump Rules Episode YetThe return of the dreaded staff meeting, plus a visit from Stassi’s mom.
  31. vanderpump rules
    Are Our Vanderpump Friends Truly Learning … and Growing?I hope so (but also I hope not).
  32. vanderpump rules
    Even Jax Knows James Has to Be Less EvilOn this week’s Vanderpump Rules, the gang struggles with its square pegs.
  33. vanderpump rules
    It’s Pride Day on Vanderpump Rules, and Everybody’s FightingBut James has a washer and dryer in his apartment now, which is nice.
  34. markle recaps
    Meghan Markle Is Planning a Wedding and Wearing a Ring in the Suits PremiereRachel Zane is also getting married!
  35. kontinuity errors
    The Kardashians Are Still Confused About Scott DisickIn this week’s Keeping Up With the Kontinuity Errors.
  36. young nope
    Here’s the Worst Thing About Episode 8 of The Young PopeWho dare taketh Beyoncé’s name in vain?
  37. young nope
    The Worst Thing About Episode One of The Young Pope: Baby PyramindEvery week, we’ll tell you the worst thing about HBO’s new series The Young Pope.
  38. for whom the vander pumps
    Will Lala and James Turn Against Each Other?It was bound to happen eventually.
  39. for whom the vander pumps
    Jax Spread a Rumor About His Own Girlfriend on New Episode of Vanderpump RulesTears and thrown drinks at the OK! Magazine party, because the more things change, the more they stay the same.
  40. keeping up with the kontinuity errors
    Rob Kardashian Isn’t a Good Enough Actor to Pull Off This Week’s StoryMeanwhile, Chyna is worried about her “collapsing butt.”
  41. keeping up with the kontinuity errors
    Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Are the Perfect Victims for Reality TVTheir new show debuted this week.
  42. recaps
    See the Red-Carpet Looks From Glamour’s Women of the Year AwardsAll the best red-carpet moments, from Caitlin Jenner to Brooklyn Beckham.
  43. quelle horreur!
    Tavi Showed Up on Scream Queens Last Night With great taste in clothes and unfortunate taste in men.
  44. l'horreur
    Karl Lagerfeld Is an Honorary Scream QueenThe best moment from last night’s episode.
  45. what i did for love
    Naked Dating Leads to Naked PukingAnd nobody is getting any.
  46. what i did for love
    Time Flies When You’re Dating Naked!And a special guest returns to the island.
  47. what i did for love
    Dating Naked Is Basically an After-School SpecialWe are learning some very important lessons here.
  48. what i did for love
    When Did Dating Naked Get So Amazingly Boring?What is this, a legitimate dating show?
  49. what i did for love
    Dating Naked: The Magic of Meg’s Giant BoobsShe put a spell on you.
  50. what i did for love
    Episode 3: There Has Finally Been a Boner on Dating NakedThe “radical dating experiment” gets real.
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