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Recession Store Ies

  1. recession store-ies
    Can Talbots Get Hip?And get hot young things to shop there?
  2. recession store-ies
    American Apparel Might Open Kiosks and Airport Stores One DayIf they can undo the atrocious things this recession has wrought on them.
  3. recession store-ies
    Another Tale of Hopelessness in RetailChristmas promotions have already started.
  4. recession store-ies
    Madison Avenue to Lose Juicy CoutureThe company can’t afford the $2 million a year rent.
  5. recession store-ies
    Can Madewell Survive the Downturn?They might, since their jeans don’t START at $98 anymore.
  6. recession store-ies
    Scoop Has Shady Finances, Other ProblemsKind of like Barneys, but maybe worse.
  7. recession store-ies
    We’re Kind of Excited About the New Hollister StoreThe marketing attempts are desperate, but they just might work.
  8. recession store-ies
    Talbots Sells J. Jill for the Bargain-basement Price of $75 MillionThey bought it in 2006 for $517 million.
  9. recession store-ies
    Barneys Might Have Avoided Those Bad Financial Problems If They Had Just Hired a Darn CEOThey’ve been CEO-less for over a year. What gives?
  10. recession store-ies
    A Fifth Avenue Topshop May Be on the HorizonWe don’t think we’re ready.
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    Mrs. John L. Strong’s Closing Marks a ‘Sad Day for Luxury’The stationer to the stars shutters after 80 years.
  12. recession store-ies
    Get Your Henri Bendel Clothing Castoffs!Henri Bendel won’t sell clothing for much longer, and discount stores are scooping up the stock.
  13. recession store-ies
    Abercrombie to Burden Fifth Avenue With Giant Children’s StoreWe can hear the house music for babies blaring from our downtown office.
  14. recession store-ies
    New Filene’s Basement Owners Could Open an Upper East Side LocationThe new merchandise just might be that good.
  15. shutterings
    Online Shopping Site Ravinstyle to Close May 31Founder Jill Licata forfeits the site for more family time.
  16. recession store-ies
    New Madison Avenue Jeweler Evades a Quick CloseThe diamond retailer was nearly shuttered after one month.
  17. recession store-ies
    Want to Buy Filene’s Basement?Because the ailing chain is now for sale.
  18. recession store-ies
    Is Marc Jacobs Wiping Out Stores in the Village?Not everyone likes his little Bleecker Street empire.
  19. recession store-ies
    Jil Sander Opening Super-Pop-up Shop of Sorts on MadisonThe label capitalized on lower rent prices before a store like Topshop could.
  20. recession store-ies
    American Apparel Could Have Gone Bankrupt Without the $80 Million Loan It Just GotDov Charney’s hipster empire came thisclose to filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy today.
  21. recession store-ies
    Are Fashion Directors Necessary?Seeing the rate at which they’re being laid off lately, the answer is probably not.
  22. recession store-ies
    Salespeople Now Kissing Up to Middle-Income ShoppersMaking shopping more awkward for everybody.